Check Out Interesting Facts about Kalibiru Raja Ampat

Kalibiru Raja Ampat

Kalibiru Raja Ampat is a tourist spot that is much sought after on online search sites, both by domestic and foreign people. Kalibiru is like a paradise on earth that you can’t find anywhere.

Check Out the Following Interesting Facts about Kalibiru Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has always had extraordinary natural beauty. This place is a top diving spot and can compete with unique places abroad.

Kalibiru Raja Ampat is one of the gems you must find when going to Raja Ampat.

Going to Kalibiru, you must know some information and facts so you understand and won’t be surprised when you arrive.

Here are interesting facts that you should know before visiting Kalibiru Raja Ampat:

1. Located in the Outback of Raja Ampat

Before you visit Kalibiru Raja Ampat, you must pay attention to the route and terrain.

Getting to Kalibiru is indeed full of struggles because of its position in the interior of Raja Ampat, to be precise, around Mayalibit Bay.

To get to Kalibiru, you need an hour by speedboat from Waisai and continue trekking for about 30 minutes to cross the river. It will undoubtedly add to your experience in traveling.

Your tiredness will undoubtedly pay off after seeing the beauty of Kalibiru greeting you. Arriving at the location, you can immediately jump in and enjoy the extraordinary natural atmosphere.

2. As the Name Implies, “Kalibiru”

Kalibiru means times or water that has a blue color. But is that name worth giving to this tourist destination in Raja Ampat?

It is so deserving, and even the name comes from the color of the water in which it is present.

The fresh blue color will attract the attention and desire of anyone who sees it to taste its freshness. Some people may think the blue color is because there are harmful substances or algae. But it is a natural process.

The colors in Kalibiru make a perfect combination in the deep jungle of Raja Ampat.

The forest is dominated by green, while the blue is from Kalibiru. The place looks beautiful and unique.

3. You Can Peek at Kalibiru’s Base

Isn’t nature the best tourist destination? Kalibiru Raja Ampat offers a sensation of natural beauty that is second to none, with no trash and pollution. There is a ban on leaving any trash there.

The color of Kalibiru water is blue but clear, even as clear as the mineral water you drink and buy at your favorite place. It’s so clear you can even see the bottom of Kalibiru.

Have you imagined how beautiful it is?

The large rocks at the bottom can be seen clearly by the naked eye.

At some points, it can reach five meters deep or even more. You also have to be careful because the current in Kalibiru is quite fast.

4. Cold Water Temperature

Traveling to Kalibiru takes work. Of course, you will feel stuffy, tired, and hot. Entering and enjoying the water in Kalibiru is the right and great answer.

Your tiredness and heat will be relieved and become extraordinarily remarkable.

Another interesting fact about Kalibiru is the icy cold water temperature. It is estimated that the temperature reaches 10-20 degrees Celsius.

Then, not all parts of Kalibiru have the same temperature. In the estuary, the water is slightly warm.

To prove it, you can put water from Kalibiru into a used mineral water bottle. You can immediately start.

The surface of a used mineral water bottle is directly dewy as if it just came out of the refrigerator.

Kalibiru Raja Ampat is a tourist destination located in the interior of Raja Ampat with quite challenging terrain.

But you can forget tired after witnessing its beauty. The water is blue and clear at a cool temperature.