The Charm of the Beautiful Love Lake of Karawapop


As an archipelago, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, has a group of islands surrounded by incredible natural wealth, one of which is Misool Island which has Karawapop Lake.

Some of the Beautiful Charms of the Karawapop Love Lake

The Raja Ampat Islands are known for their exotic natural attractions.

Apart from Lake Lenmakana, there is also Lake Karawapop which has a jellyfish lake tour. Lake Karawapop is on Misool Island.

On Misool Island, many saltwater lakes have jellyfish. However, only a few are open and may be explored by tourists. Here are some charms of Lake Karawapop:

1. Clear Toska Water

For matters of natural beauty, Raja Ampat has become a prima donna in the country and abroad. There is also an amazing view of Misool Island, a beautiful heart-shaped lake called Lake of Love Karawapop.

The water of this lake is clear and turquoise. This lake in the South Misool District looks even more enchanting because it is next to the Seram Sea.

Its beauty is hidden between rock cliffs and green trees that grow on karst rock islands. To get an interesting view of the Lake of Love, you must see it from a higher place.

You can take a selfie on the hill with a breathtaking lake in the background. Above is a viewing post, a spot for visitors to take pictures.

2. Shaped Like a Heart

The position of Lake Karawapop is huddled behind the dense forest of the island, which has the same name as the lake.

The uniqueness of Lake Karawapop is its shape resembling a heart or love.

Because of that, the locals and tourists who have come there dub Lake Karawapop, the lake of love, love lake, or Love Lagoon.

In order to witness this uniqueness, you must first climb to the top of the hill.

The unique lake, the view of the karst rock clusters that stand firmly around the island, and the blue Seram Sea will relieve fatigue when climbing the top of the hill.

3. Can Swim With Jellyfish

This heart-shaped lake has a salty taste, like seawater. To swim with the jellyfish, you need to take a fast boat from Sorong to Misool Island and hike to Lake Karawapop.

You have to pay to swim with the jellyfish when at the top.

The hike takes approximately 30 minutes. Apart from preparing extra energy, it would be best to be careful because the track leading to that location is fairly steep, with a slope of nearly 90 degrees.

Even so, when you reach the top of the hill, your tiredness will pay off with the natural beauty of Karawapop Island.

4. Not Too Deep and Relatively Small Lake Size

Karawapop Lake is only 23.9 meters from the sea, relatively small in size (0.57 hectares), and not too deep (4.5 meters).

This lake has no significant connecting corridor for seawater to enter. Sea water seeps from small holes or pores and cracks in the rocks, making them salty.

Meanwhile, to reach Karawapop Lake, tourists must take the route from Sorong Harbor to Yellu Harbor in Misool for 4 hours by express motor boat, then take a speedboat to get to the main destination.

There are many local guides ready to take you. After that, continue with trekking which is long enough to reach Karawapop finally.

One of the places with beautiful views in Papua is Karawapop Lake. It’s so beautiful, every visitor who comes here is guaranteed to fall in love with the panorama immediately.