Kima Clams, Giant Clams from Kaimana

Kima Clams

Exploring the eastern region of Indonesia always gives a special impression. The existing natural wealth makes tourists flock to the region. There are kima clams from Kaimana, West Papua, which are marine animals that are rich in benefits.

Have you ever heard of kima clams? Kima Clams are a special food of Kaimana, which is still traditionally done by the local community. Kima clams are also important assets for the Kaimana community.

Getting to Know about Kima Clams

Kima clams are marine animals whose existence has existed since ancient times. They are a type of clam that can be found in Southeast Asian waters. In Indonesia alone, they can be found in the waters of Papua, Sulawesi to East Nusa Tenggara.

Here are kima clams facts you need to know to give you insight into this rare animal.

Beautiful Underwater Tourism Objects

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The potential of Kaimana district is its beautiful underwater tourism. Kima clams are one of the Kaimana underwater tourism objects that divers always look for when snorkeling.

They have an exotic texture and color that makes them beautiful. This is the main attraction for foreign and domestic tourists. Because tracing the habitat of sea shells is a popular spot when snorkeling or diving.

Natural Custodian of the Marine Ecosystem

The benefit of kima clams in the ocean is maintaining the natural balance of the marine ecosystem. The body of the kima clam functions as a water filter in the ocean’s depths.

When they consume their food, they will suck up seawater which contains dirt and plankton. Then, it is filtered in his body, and the filtered results are released again.

Indirectly the preservation of the Papuan sea can be maintained thanks to the presence of these clams. Therefore the Kaimana people take good care of kima clam’s habitats.

Kima Clams Size

Kima Clams Size

Kima clams are larger compared to clams in general. That’s why it is also called the giant clams. The size of clams can reach 1.5 meters with a weight of 250 kg per head. This is because they can survive for quite a long time. Sometimes you can also find kima clams that reach a size of 2.5 meters.

Benefits of Kima Clams

Besides being useful as a seawater filter, kima clams also have good benefits for the health of the body. Kima clams meat contains protein that is good for the body. Its high protein content is believed to increase male vitality.

In addition, the benefits of kima clams are to increase milk production for lactating women.

Luxurious Delicious Servings

Kima clams are marine animals protected by the Indonesian government. However, there are several habitats for kima clams that can be cultivated for public consumption.

Kima clams have been a special food for Kaimana for a long time. One of the favorite menus is the stir-fried kima clams which are very delicious. After the clams are separated from their shells, the clam meat is boiled in a pot for approximately 30 minutes.

The clam meat that has been boiled is then cut into small pieces. The spices needed are lemongrass leaves, pepper, salt, and other spices. Furthermore, the clam meat is sautéed together with these spices.

If tourists want to taste a dish made of clam meat, they have to spend quite a lot of money. This is because kima clams dishes are only available in luxury restaurants. In addition, the amount of clam available for consumption is rare, which makes the price of kima clams very expensive.

So, those are some interesting things about kima clams in the Kaimana, West Papua. Let’s protect and preserve them together.