Waropen, a Slice of Paradise on Earth Home to Kiri Kiri Tribe

kiri kiri tribe

Waropen is part of West Papua, located on the north coast. One of the tribes that live in that area is Kiri Kiri Tribe. You may hear the name of this tribe just now, considering there is not much about it on the internet.

More than anything, Kiri Kiri’s people are part of West Papua’s civilization. Thus, in this article, you will find more information about this tribe and Waropen as the area where they live.

Where is Waropen?

raja ampat west papua

Waropen is located in West Papua, near Nabire and Jaya Wijaya Summit. The topography of this area is quite varied because you will find both high lands and coasts in Waropen. Thus, there are plenty of places that you should visit when you have a trip to West Papua.

While the coastal areas are interesting to visit, the mainland mostly consists of woods and hills. Among all the districts in Waropen, Kirihi District is the only district with no beaches, considering it sits on the highland.

Meanwhile, the other districts are located next to the sea. Thus, if you happen to visit this island next time, you have more options other than Sorong West Papua.

On the other hand, people in Waropen work as farmers and take care of various plantations. Even though the land has tons of potential, most of those opportunities are traditionally handled by locals.

Waropen is home to several native tribes. One of those tribes is Kiri Kiri, who mostly lives in Kirihi. They use their own local language that sounds different from other tribes.

Kiri Kiri Tribe

As mentioned earlier, there is not much you will find on the internet about this tribe. Kiri Kiri is a tribe that lives in the area between Waropen and Nabire. The tribe inhabits several small villages, such as Wafuka and Doufo, part of the Kirihi District.

To reach this place, you must take an aircraft to Doufo and hop on a boat. Kiri Kiri also uses a language with the same name as the tribe; today, the number of natives who speak that language is declining.

Even though Papuan people have some kind of language that sounds similar from one to another, they are very different. For instance, the Kiri Kiri language has a different dialect from other local tribes, even though they live nearby.

Unfortunately, the education in Kirihi was not as advanced as in other districts in Waropen. Other than the geographic location, the language barrier was the issue.

Several sponsors and organizations have created mother tongue-based education for Kiri Kiri people in the past decade. The education motivates those who cannot read and write in Bahasa Indonesia.

Where to Go in Waropen?


where is waropen
where is waropen


If you are looking for destinations when visiting Waropen, here are several recommendations you should try.
For those who love beaches, you can go to Batu Zaman Beach. As its name suggests, there are plenty of prehistoric eras. Besides that, the beach has black sands, which adds exoticness to the scene. Don’t miss the sunset, though.

To enjoy t the underwater scenery, you should visit Nau Island. The beach is home to coral reefs and plenty of fish species. Also, this place is great for camping.

Sarawandori Lake, on the other hand, is a perfect place for daydreaming. The lake sits in the middle of a forest, which adds to the challenge of reaching the site. Besides that, this lake’s water combines fresh, and saltwater since Sarawandori is located near the sea.

Final Words

Raja Ampat West Papua is not the only thing that may take your breath away. If you take a look at those smaller areas, you will find so many stunning things from West Papua.

One of those pretty things is the Kiri Kiri Tribe, who live on the border of Waropen and Nabire. Even though civilization in this area is not as excellent as other places in West Papua, tons of things in this area are worth visiting.