Krombi: A Papuan Musical Instrument Must be Preserved


Music is an integral part of Papuan life. It has been known as traditional music since ancient times. Of course, the existence of traditional music in Papuan society is due to various types of traditional musical instruments. One of the Papuan traditional musical instruments still in use today is Krombi.

In each region, musical instruments have their own characteristics. Both are shape, how to play it, and the sound it produces.  Therefore, the uniqueness of these traditional musical instruments is a wealth that should be preserved.

Krombi, Papuan Traditional Musical Instrument

The characteristics of each traditional instrument allow everyone to distinguish different types of music from region to region. It can also be a distinguishing feature between traditional instruments and other types of instruments.

In general, traditional instruments function in regional dances, traditional ceremonies, entertainment, communication, and as a means of self-expression, like a kind of musical instrument, namely Krombi.

Krombi is a traditional musical instrument of the Tehit tribe in South Sorong District, Papua. This Krombi instrument not only serves as a means of entertainment for those who enjoy listening to it, but it is also a traditional or religious ritual instrument for the Papuan.

Not only that, the Krombi instrument has become the identity of the Papuan people, whose traditional music presence is unique to the region. The Krombi is also an instrument that accompanies community activities such as traditional dances and welcoming guests.

How to Make a Krombi Musical Instrument

Making Krombi is very easy. Because the basic material consists of bamboo sticks, commonly found in forests. When you get it, cut a thigh-length piece of bamboo and make a Krombi. Cut open the top of the bamboo to expose the inside of the bamboo.

The result will be round and elongated to the side. This one instrument is usually played along with other traditional Papuan instruments such as tifa and Fuu.

How to Play Krombi

How to Play Krombi

Although its shape is different from other local traditional instruments, this Krombi instrument makes a beautiful, loud sound when struck.

Krombi is a type of traditional percussion instrument. Musical instruments of various shapes produce a sound when struck, like Krombi. Percussion instruments produce specific musical sounds when combined with other instruments.

Krombi is played by hitting a thigh-sized bamboo stick. When playing this instrument, use small sticks to get the desired sound and rhythm.

How to Preserve Krombi Musical Instruments

In an era where technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, modern musical instruments can erode traditional musical instruments that have existed since ancient times. This may be due to the younger generation’s lack of interest in traditional arts.

To maintain sustainability, there are several ways to care and care for traditional musical instruments, especially Krombi instruments. First, you have to introduce these traditional musical instruments to all future young generations of the country. This can be achieved by performing traditional musical performances using Krombi as one of the instruments.

Next, you have to take care of traditional musical instruments. For example, cleaning it regularly or using it for specific events. The younger generation is expected to protect this traditional culture so that other musical instruments will not die out.

This is information about the Krombi instrument as a typical Papuan culture. It still exists now as a unique culture in Papua. Musical instruments are a symbol of national property that must be protected, and Indonesia has a variety of unique musical instruments that people should be proud of.