Kuala Kencana Timika Papua, the Modern District in Papua

Kuala Kencana Timika Papua

Kuala Kencana Timika Papua has attracted much public attention as one of the beautiful and modern districts in Timika City, Papua. To see it as a whole, you can visit Papua.

Six Facts of Kuala Kencana Timika Papua, Modern District in Papua

Many people still don’t know about Kuala Kencana, a restricted area in Timika City, Papua. To find out more, see the following complete information about Kuala Kencana Timika Papua:

1. Kuala Kencana Inaugurated in 1995

Based on information on the official Kuala Kencana District website,

This district was inaugurated on December 5, 1995, by President Soeharto and is located in the Contract of the Work area of PT Freeport Indonesia.

Kuala Kencana District is one of 18 Districts in Mimika Regency. This district is an administrative area of the Mimika Regency Government, which is located in an urban area.

In the past, this place was a transmigration settlement unit when Timika was still under the administration of Fakfak Regency, Papua.

Kuala Kencana is an independent city with a modern concept surrounded by lush natural forests.

2. Lowland Without Beach and Dominated by Forest

Kuala Kencana District can be classified as a lowland area with no coast and an altitude of 200-1600 meters above sea level (masl).

The Kuala Kencana area is generally dominated by primary forest and secondary forest.

The Kuala Kencana district consists of forest, open land, settlements, and dry land agriculture. The land area of the Kuala Kencana district itself is 860.74 km2.

3. No Power Poles

Kuala Kencana Timika Papua uses an underground utility system.

Electrical systems, communication lines, clean water distribution, and sewage treatment are centralize underground to prevent environmental pollution.

Thus, this city will have no electricity poles or telephone cables because everything is buries underground. Kuala Kencana is the first City in Indonesia to use a utility system.

4. Modern City

PT Freeport Indonesia, the developer of Kuala Kencana, claims that this area is the first modern City in Indonesia. They build and manage Kuala Kencana as a supporting area for their operational activities.

This area is a housing complex for PTFI employees, and several offices are located there.

The facilities offered include sports, such as a soccer field, an Olympic standard swimming pool, indoor badminton, indoor futsal, and a golf course.

Not only that, but Kuala Kencana also presents several public facilities such as schools, restaurants, libraries, salons, and the main square (The Plaza).

It is also equippe with places of worship, churches, mosques, and banking services.

5. Not a Tourist Area

Quoted from the Mimika Regional Government website, Kuala Kencana is a restrict area manage by PTFI and is specifically for people with a PTFI ID or specific permits.

Therefore, the city is not open for tours. Every vehicle that enters this city must pass strict inspection at the Timika-Kuala Kencana border checkpoint.

6. Thick with Archipelago Culture

Even though the concept uses a western style, archipelago values are found in Kuala Kencana Timika Papua.

Some of them are the iconic monument in the town square which is the work of Nyoman Nuarta, a famous sculptor.

The monument depicts the five precepts of Pancasila.

In addition, the square is make to face the Qibla and uses concepts from Java. To the west is the Baiturrahim Mosque, while to the east is the Bethlehem Church.

It is information about Kuala Kencana Timika Papua, a modern district located in Timika, Papua. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you as knowledge about Papua.