Lake Kamakawalor of Kaimana: The Hidden World Heaven in West Papua

Lake Kamakawalor
Sumber : Jejak Piknik

The land of West Papua is full of surprises. Like Raja Ampat, which has reached its international recognition of natural beauty, many hidden paradises in the province remain there to explore, and one of them is Lake Kamakawalor.

Also known as Lake Kamaka, Lake Kamakawalor of Kaimana is such a pleasure to visit. The uniqueness and the fascination of the lake are interesting to learn. Below are some highlights about the charming spot to follow.

Lake Kamakawalor
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The Uniqueness of Lake Kamakawalor

Lake Kamakawalor situated in Kamaka Village, Kaimana, West Papua, is also known as Lake Amafata in local language and Lake Kamaka in popular language. It is one of the unique lakes in Indonesia because it has an extreme interval of ebb and flood current tides which can take 5 to 8 years long. 

During the flood current, its length can be approximately 30 km, its width reaches up to a kilometer, and its height difference between the ebb and flood currents can reach less than 6 meters. During the flood current, you can see the blue lake water. Meanwhile, like what can occur on other lakes during the dry season, you can see a broad field without any water during the ebb current. 

The word “meti” is how the local people call the ebb current. Meti becomes another gift for the local people as farmers use the time to go farming many kinds of plants during the current as they would probably see the current floodwater in the next eight years. They generally grow taro plants which are popular as their commodity.


The Beauty of Lake Kamakawalor

Lake Kamakawalor of Kaimana is full of beauty where you can enjoy the natural view all the time. During the ebb current when there is no lake water, you can witness the agricultural amazement of local plantations managed by farmers in the area. They grow various plants, and they are very friendly, so you can also help them. If you’re lucky, you can also get the harvested products from them too.

In addition to the amazement during the ebb current, you can also experience the joy during the flood current. There is many fish to catch during the tide, and there will be many boats to ride. These boats usually go around the area to catch the abundant water treasures: fish, lobsters, and rare freshwater shrimps.

On your way to Lake Kamaka, you can also explore the surrounding forest and meet some endemic birds if you’re lucky. The local people can also be your guide to go around the area. Arriving at the spot, experience the freshness of the lake water, and your long walk will be paid off. Go around and take some photographs of its magnificent scenery, too. Remember to take some snacks and drinks with you for logistics, as you may not see any food stalls on the spot.



If you want to visit Lake Kamakawalor of Kaimana, you can start from Sorong, West Papua, by taking on a plane to Kaimana. At this rate, you can rent a speedboat and take a ride to Kaimana Village for one to 2 hours. Do not forget to ask for permission from the chief as there must be several obligatory rules for you to obey.  

In the village, you can ask for a local to be your guide. When you reach this step, brace yourself as your physical condition will be challenged. Before reaching Lake Kamaka, you must take approximately 7 km and go through a jungle. It will take around 4 to 5 hours for the trip, but your time and energy will be worth the experience. 

Those are some highlights about Lake Kamakawalor of Kaimana, West Papua. You can go tracking through the jungle, enjoy the breathtaking view and make a connection with the local people.