Lake Sentani West Papua Hidden Paradise

Lake Sentani West Papua Hidden Paradise

Filled with glittering water and the lush forest, west Papua has a lot of potential hidden paradise. From that list, lake Sentani takes one of the best positions for tourism destinations. Located near the capital city of Papua, the lake Sentani west Papua hidden paradise is worth visiting. How good a place is? Here are the wonders of natural beauty you will find in it.

The Charming, Pristine, And Calming Lake

Surrounded by lush green areas and enormous mountains, the lake is the center of the pristine, virgin, and calming landscape. The grassy slopes and sago plantation fill up your peripheral, which later make a charming scene upon your visit. The lake is the biggest in West Papua with a size of about 9,360 hectares.

What makes it even more incredible is the small island scattered in the center of Sentani lakes. It recorded, a tally of 21 small islands that reach about 75 meters above sea levels are there. The great lake does not only offer natural beauty, but you can also see that the local inhabitants live from the west Papua hidden paradise lake.

Things To Do

1. Fishing

One of the best things to do in Sentani is enjoying fishing time. Local inhabitants are very used to living around the lake, which makes the area a center of fishing activities. Tourists can rent a boat and enjoy fishing around the location. It also said that the lake is filled with many big fishes that you can catch during fishing.

2. Canoeing

Canoeing has become one of the most popular activities for tourists or locals. The location has many locations that tend to be favorites for people to explore. If you are not into canoeing but want to explore, you can rent a motorized canoe tour. As you do so, take the chance to snaps some photos of the majestic Sentani lake during and after the journey.

3. Joining Local Festival

The west Papua hidden paradise Sentani lake is also a popular place to witness the annual local festivals. One of the popular ones is around June, which is an Ondoafi traditional ceremony. It displays some local dances, traditional food, and stunning performance on the boat. Take the time as a way to enjoy one of the many unique cultural traditions in Indonesia.

Travel Route

Lake Sentani West Papua Hidden Paradise

Since Sentani lake is located near the center of Papua, getting there is not the real issue. It is about 20 km from the capital city, which means you can take a taxi for less than Rp 100.000 for the cost. But, the best transportation option will be local transportation or minibus that head to the location. The west Papua hidden paradise is near to McArthur monument that is why it is easy to reach.

Located near the heart of West Papua, Lake Sentani might not be the most isolated hidden paradise to see. However, the vast body of water and the natural environment prove it to be one of the best destinations to visit. It is also a house of indigenous culture festival that is the peak attraction upon the location.