The Aesthetic Beauty of Lake Uter in West Papua

Lake Uter
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Charmed by amazing limestone cliffs, fresh-clear lake water in a shape of a natural basin, and wonderful panorama surrounding, Lake Uter has become one of aesthetic tourism spots in Maybrat Regency, West Papua. As one of the best lakes with fresh water in Indonesia, the lake is a world-hidden paradise that domestic and international visitors can enjoy. 

Here are some details about Lake Uter of West Papua.

Lake Uter
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Fascinating Spots at Lake Uter

If you visit Lake Uter of West Papua, you can also enjoy the flying limestone cliffs and its amazingly fresh lake water. 

The Flying Limestone Cliffs

The clearwater basin going through Aitinyo District, Maybrat Regency, is surrounded by huge limestone cliffs full of dry grass vegetation contrasting to the water. The color of the cliffs is dominated by the dark to light brown, which them more exotic to be combined with the blue and green freshwater. Thus, the exotic contrast panorama often makes visitors name them the flying limestone cliffs.

Sparkling Transparent Lake Water

If you’re visiting West Papua, you can fortunately enjoy one of the best lakes with freshwater in Indonesia: Lake Uter. It becomes amazing as it is situated far from downtown, so water is still free from water pollution. Thus, many people say that it is such a hidden paradise in the province. The color of the water is blue most of the time, yet it sometimes turns green during the dry season. Surprisingly, it is also seen to be sparkling transparent in the afternoon, so you can effortlessly enjoy seeing the fish in the water.


Fun Activities to Do at Lake Uter

There are several enjoyable activities to do if you visit Lake Uter, like taking a boat ride, swimming in the lake, and having adventures around the lake.

Wooden Boat Ride

If you’re at Lake Uter, don’t miss the chance to take a boat ride. The boat is generally made of wood, and it can take you to enjoy the panorama on the clear lake water. It is manually driven, and the local people still need no more boats powered by machines as they still want to maintain the pure beauty of the natural environment around the lake. The capacity of the boat is normally for three people as the size is neither small nor big. 

You also don’t need to be afraid to be alone as there must be local guides to welcome you to the edge of the lake and accompany you for having such an unforgettable experience. Sometimes, you can sparkle the lake water and enjoy the beautiful fish around you on the boat, too.

Swimming into the Deep

Swimming in Lake Uter is a must if you visit the spot. Before you go, make sure you are allowed by the local people but don’t worry as many also spend their time going into the deep. The lake water temperature is relatively low, making the water ice-cold as the spot is lower than others. 

The lake’s depth varies, and the deepest point is approximately 5 meters below the surface level. If you’re a pro swimmer, get a chance to go deeper into the bottom of the lake, too.

Adventures around the Lake

Going for adventures around the lake is another activity to try. If you’re in good condition, have a warming-up exercise, and go through the long path around the lake. Remember to stay alert on the way as you may see wild animals, like hogs or snakes that may surprise you. Take along sufficient snacks and drinks for you to enjoy when you need them, and witness the pure beauty of nature along your walk.

Those are some highlights about Lake Uter of West Papua. To reach the spot, start from Sorong to take about 200 km trip on various roads. Your trip might take approximately 5 hours, yet the experience you’ll have there will surely be paid off.

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