Lamberthus Jitmau, Shining Politician from Sorong

Lamberthus Jitmau

Lamberthus Jitmau is a West Papuan politician. He has worked in this field for a long time. It’s only natural that he has accomplished many things in his career. But who exactly is Lamberthus Jitmau, and what has he accomplished?

Background of Educations

Born on May 10th, 1964, in Sorong, Lamberthus Jitmau had spent most of his life in this regency even before he dedicated himself to his work in the area. He went to Sorong Grade School for his education, then to Sorong Public Middle School.

He continued his education at Sorong Public High School. Later, he would attend Pasundan University in Bandung, West Java, to further his studies in Social and Politics. His education certainly has helped him with his career.

Ten Years a Mayor

Lamberthus Jitmau has been mayor of Sorong Regency for ten years. In a decade, he has accomplished many things for the people of Sorong.

As Sorong Regency Mayor, Jitmau has expanded the Domine Edward Osok Sorong Airport (DEO Airport). He claimed that this was a crucial move. Airports are important transportation hubs. All flights to Papua must go through DEO Airport, in transit or otherwise.

He has also built ten district offices, one office for each district in the regency. Each building has two levels. Aside from the building, the public service provided and the facility also comes with it.

Offices and airports aren’t the only things he built. Jitmau also built health centers, also one for each district. Similarly to the offices, these clinics have two levels and necessary facilities to ensure public health. There are also five medical doctors in each clinic. Jitmau assured that the medical professionals at the health centers could provide adequate medical attention to any patient.

On the health front, Jitmau also turned a leprosy hospital into a public hospital. He makes sure the people have the best medical help they can get.

This doesn’t mean he neglects other fronts. On the economic front, he built Rufei Modern Market, a multileveled market. The building took nine years to build, and Jitmau hoped it could serve as an economic hub in Sorong.

Other Accomplishments

Lamberthus Jitmau

Being the Sorong Regency Mayor isn’t the only thing Jitmau is known for. He is also the head of Golongan Karya Party of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) for the 2020-2025 period. Aside from that, he also doubles as the Formation Head.

His road to the position isn’t a smooth one. There was multiple delays and even a cancellation, but in the end he earned the position. Jitmau admits that he has been optimistic about getting the position despite the delays and cancellation.

Future Plans

There are plans to split West Papua Province into West Papua and Southwest Papua Provinces. Lamberthus Jitmau has expressed happiness over this. Moreover, Sorong is a candidate for capital city of the new province. As one of the key players of the Southwest Papua Province Expansion Team, Jitmau is no doubt elated about the fact.

However, Jitmau is clearly not satisfied with his career yet. He resigned from his position as the head of the expansion team with plans to run for governor of West Papua Province. He is convinced that he can be a good governor and that his track record so far shows his worth as a politician.

As of now, there is yet to be a confirmation about who Lamberthus Jitmau will pick as vice governor when he runs for governor. He reasons that politics is fluid and may change at any time. Because of that, he has no desire to be hasty about his decision in vice governor candidacy.