List of Available Airlines for Your Flights to Sorong West Papua

Flights to Sorong West Papua

Flights to Sorong West Papua

There are several available airlines for your flights to Sorong West Papua. Sorong City itself is located on the best of the Doberai Peninsula (Bird’s Head Peninsula) in West Papua, Indonesia. It is one of the cities in the easternmost part of Indonesia.

To go to Raja Ampat Islands, you can also book a flight to this city’s airport. From this departure point, you can take a ship to Raja Ampat. The flight from Jakarta to Sorong will take around 4 hours and 5 minutes without delay.

All of them stop at the Domine Eduard Osok Airport. This airport is one of the largest airports in the province, where people are bustling about. It is named after a pastor, Domine Eduard Osok, a native of Sorong City who spread the teaching of Christianity to the local people.

Daily flights to the airport come from Jakarta, Bali (Denpasar), Makassar, Manado, and Ambon, operated by some airlines such as Garuda Indonesia and Sriwijaya Air. Here is the list of the airlines.

A List of Available Airlines for Your Flights to Sorong West Papua

There are various flights you can choose if you want to get to Sorong, West Papua. Here is the list:

1. Garuda Indonesia (GA)

Garuda Indonesia airline has opened the newest flight route from Jakarta to Sorong, West Papua. Starting on March 10, 2018, the airline provides a direct flight to the city. The airline will provide one round trip from Jakarta to Sorong per day with a capacity of 162 seats.

Passengers can choose between business class or economy class. The flight will use the B737-800NG aircraft. You can check the airline’s official website to book a ticket.

2. Batik Air (ID)

Batik Air is a subsidiary of the Lion Group. The airline opened a new flight route from Sorong City, West Papua, to Jakarta and Makassar back and forth. The aircraft, Airbus 320, has a total capacity of 158 seats with 14 business class seats and 144 economy seats. The airline offers two flights to Sorong West Papua in a day with the route from Sorong to Makassar and Jakarta.

3. Lion Air (JT)

Lion Air Airlines has opened several new flight routes to regions in the eastern part of Indonesia. These new routes are to expand the connectivity of domestic flights, such as from Manado to Sorong with flight number JT796.

The connectivity can improve the region’s economy by allowing people to go directly to many tourist destinations. The airline will use Boeing 737-800/900, Boeing 737 MAX-8, and Airbus A330 aircraft with a capacity of 200 seats.

4. Wings Air (IW)

Wings Air is operated by PT Wings Abadi Airlines, which is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This airline provides direct low-cost flights from Ambon to Sorong, back and forth.

The airline uses the IW1506 aircraft with a total capacity of 70 seats divided into first class, economy, and premium economy seats. From Ambon at Pattimura Airport, the aircraft will depart at 09.35 a.m. and arrive at 10.55 a.m. in Sorong.

5. Sriwijaya Air (SJ)

Sriwijaya Air Airlines has increased the flight frequency from Jakarta to Sorong via Makassar to twice daily. You can also book a flight from Jakarta via Surabaya to Sorong. The airlines add the Boeing 737-500 aircraft to support the extra flights to Sorong. The aircraft can take a maximum of 122 passengers.

The popularity of West Papua as a tourist destination has made several airlines provide extra direct flights to Sorong City. To visit the incredible Raja Ampat Islands, you must take flights to Sorong West Papua. After the landing at the Domine Eduard Osok Airport, you can continue the journey by taking sea transport to the island.