The Inspiring Efforts of West Papua’s Local NGOs and Social Enterprises

Local NGOs and Social Enterprises in West Papua

Local NGOs act as a forum that accommodates, processes, manages, and implements all community aspirations in various fields, especially in parts the government often neglects.

Local NGOs and Social Enterprises have an important role in assisting the community in order to help establish welfare in the region. Thus, these organizations bring positive benefits to the locals and help the government in performing the region’s development.

However, in order to be able to perform their roles optimally, NGOs in West Papua should be legally registered, so both the government and the society can monitor their programs and activities.

The Important Role of NGOs in West Papua

The Importance of Local NGOs and Social Enterprises in West Papua

Non-governmental organizations and social enterprises play an essential role in developing the West Papua community due to their contribution. They engage in many forms of social issues to help the government and society to find the right solutions.[1] 

The following are some of their roles:  

1. Provide Advocacy to the Government

Some NGOs will try to influence certain government development policies to favor the indigenous and marginalized societies with more benefits.

2. Engage and Hold Various Programs

Generally, with their donors’ funds, NGOs will provide building centers as training places to empower the locals. They will also conduct capacity-building courses to increase the locals’ knowledge and skills.

3. Disseminate Information

There are some areas within the community that the government can’t reach, so NGOs help disseminate information such as policies and programs from the government.  

4. Facilitate Dialogue

This is important because NGOs can facilitate communication from the government to the people and vice versa. Foker LSM Papua is an example of an NGO that performs this role in West Papua.  

Inspiring West Papua NGOs and Social Enterprises

The following NGOs have proven their hard work in order to benefit West Papua society in their respective fields:

1. Papua Forest Watch

Get to Know Local NGOs and Social Enterprises in West Papua

As the name depicts, this NGO works actively on forestry and environmental issues and strengthens the West Papuan indigenous. Established on 3rd April 2012 in Jayapura,  Papua Forest Watch has the following vision:

Establishing West Papua Indigenous welfare and sovereignty in managing the forest and natural resources done in fair and sustainable ways derived from the cultural values as well as environmentally-friendly innovative technologies. [2]  

2. Yayasan Econusa

Econusa Merpakan Foundation Local NGOs and Social Enterprises in West Papua

This NGO focuses on sustainable management of eastern Indonesia’s natural resources, especially ones in West Papua and Maluku while striving for the best with the local communities. Econusa has proven its hard work for the locals due to many of its strategies and activities within the region.

3. Bentara Papua

Bentara Papua is a local LSM Papua organization of which members derive from various backgrounds such as socio-economic, management, forestry, and communication. 

This local NGO has done so much for the locals, including assisting young Papuan in Solol village, Raja Ampat, in processing coconut into coconut oil and pure one,

4. Lembaga Masyarakat Adat (LMA) Papua

The mission and vision of this local NGO is to establish a peaceful West Papua. They try to always participate in finding solutions for issues in the region. The Indonesian vice president, K.H. Ma’ruf Amin, appreciated this NGO due to their involvement in keeping West Papua for their participation in maintaining the integrity of Indonesia.  

The vice president also emphasized that the government has a strong commitment to the welfare of West Papua. He later said that it is done through some policy regulations such as increasing the special autonomy (Otsus) funds, expansion of New Autonomous Regions (DOB as well as backing Orang Asli Papua (OAP).[3]

The Takeaway

The role of NGOs and social enterprises in the community’s welfare is significant, so the government must work hand-in-hand to establish the desired course. However, both the government and society should be cautious with certain NGOs with indecent missions and visions. 

That is why good two-way communication is needed to help both the government and in local NGOs and social Enterprises reach the best possible result for the benefit of society.