Lorentz National Park West Papua Hidden Paradise

Lorentz National Park West Papua Hidden Paradise

Located right in the southern part of Indonesia, many people only see West Papua as a marine paradise. However, it also has varying wonders on the land. The natural landscape is the house of some exotic animals. Thus, West Papua Hidden Paradise has some famous national parks. One of them is the UNESCO world heritage site Lorentz national park.

Reasons To Go

1. The Protected Area For More Than 630 Species Of Birds

So, one of the charms of the Lorentz national park is its habitant. The park is the home of more than 630 species of birds. It also has around 123 species of mammals living in the national park. In the flora sides, it has about 29 lands system that filled the area. With that number, the national park has more than 80% rate of mammalian that represent Irian Jaya.

Two of the most famous indigenous fauna are the Cendrawasih and the tree Kangaroo from new Guinea. The west Papua hidden paradise also has Walabi, jungle cats, and other wildlifes. The floral collection in the national park has more than just 1500 types of plants. It even has the tallest lake with no estuary, which is why it is also called the complete ecological national park.

2. Has The Tallest Island Peak In The World

The national park area reaches up to Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) which is one of the world’s seven ultimate summits. It is a snow-capped mountain that has ongoing formation creating a shoreline accretion and glaciation. It is also the highest point of Papua New Guinea which has evidence of earth’s history.

3. Home Of Indigenous Tribes

Being remote and far from civilization, the national park also homes some indigenous tribes. Some of the tribes are including but are not limited to Asmat, Sempan, Nduga, Amungme, Dani, and Komoro. Word to mention that the west Papua hidden paradise also covers Baliem Valley which is the home that witnesses the real native tradition and cultures.

4. A Large Size Park Covering 2.5 Ha Protected Area

Lorentz National Park West Papua Hidden Paradise

2.35 million ha is not a small area. The Lorentz national park is the largest protected area you can find in south-east Asia. The property covers a wide range of areas with ranges of ecological and ecosystem. It starts from the tropical ice-cap mountain and stretches down to the tropical sea.

Location And How To Get There

There are two possibilities to reach the area. You can go by boat or ship to reach Timika, Fak Fak, or Merauke. Some flights go straight to Wamena, where you can ask for an entry permit from the Forestry Conservation office. If you are going from Timika, you will need to head to Manila. From there you will need to go by ship to the west Papua hidden paradise.

As one of the best natural preservation, the Lorentz national park has ranges of exotic bird and animal species living in it. Not only that, but the national park also includes indigenous tribe homes along with the tallest mountain in Indonesia. That is why visiting one of the UNESCO world heritage sites will be one of the best experiences you will find from Indonesia.