Lukas Enembe Talks About Enhancing West Papua Transportation

Governor of West Papua
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West Papua has enormous potential just waiting to be realized, with more than 250 distinct tribes, more than 10 million hectares of land, 1,100 spoken languages, and abundant natural resources. Papua has long lagged in social and economic developments due to the underdevelopment of its infrastructure, especially West Papua transportation.

Governor of West Papua
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Potential of West Papua Transportation in Trustworthy Data and Infrastructure

Famous for its diving spots in Raja Ampat, Papua also has tourist potential due to the abundance of coral species and beautiful seas, which are attractive to the Indonesian government for development. Indonesia should place the untapped potential of West Papua at the top of its priority list by investing in reliable data and infrastructure.

Lukas Enembe, the governor of Papua, has been in office since 2013. During his seven years in office, he published three books. They are:

  1. “Jatuh Bangun Lukas Enembe: Merakit Kisah, Membongkar Fakta Gubernur,” 
  2. “Torang Bisa PON XX Supremasi,” and 
  3. “Membuat Lurus Soal Otonomi Khusus: Setting Straight Special Autonomy Problems” (The Fall and Rise of Lukas Enembe: Writing a Story, Unveiling Facts of The Governor).

Papua, in his opinion, is “A Small Heaven Fell on Earth.” He also understands that we must put more effort into developing West Papua transportation, particularly among local Papuans. They have a right to a successful existence free from connotations such as being alone, poor, vulnerable, etc.

Regarding the economy, Lukas Enembe also encourages openness and sincerity in his job. Papua has an opportunity to expand more quickly by going concerned. It was according to Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan RI (Republic of Indonesia Audit BoardUnqualified )’s Audit Opinion based on the Financial Audit Results Report (LHP) for 2016. 

Papua has received several of Mr. President Joko Widodo’s efforts, including the PON 2020 program, to reconstruct it into a more extensive land demonstrating his support.

Sustainability as the Key to Prosperity of West Papua Transportation

West Papua, an island with 90% trees and the lowest historical deforestation rate in Indonesia, has a lot of tremendous possibilities in the future, especially now that it has declared itself to be the first Sustainable Development Province in the world (SDP).

The government of Papua Province has committed to reducing deforestation by more than 80% below baseline, reducing GHG emissions up to 40%, designating 70% of the Island as a protected area, and converting 50% of coastal conservation areas into protected areas by signing numerous agreements between the years 2000 and 2020.

Thanks to Mr. President, West Papua’s Economy has Experienced Rapid Growth

The province of Papua’s economic growth plummeted in 2014, falling by 3.25%. Many influential people, including Indonesia’s president Joko Widodo, are frustrated that isolated sections of Papua with abundant natural and cultural riches have been undeveloped for so long.

Joko Widodo, aware of Papua’s potential, invests a sizable sum of IDR 6.4 million in advancing West Papuans’ well-being. West Papua and other Papuan regions have swiftly improved since this significant investment, providing hope for a larger Papua.

After considering all of the above, it is evident that Lukas Enembe possesses the best qualities necessary for a governor to guide West Papua toward a brighter future via social, economic, West Papua transportation, and political growth.

It is including his passion for Papua island. It is about time we recognized the hidden jewels of Indonesia’s beauty via this province since Papua has a significant potential to help Indonesia’s economy in the following 10 years.