Malaumkarta Raya, West Papua Piece Of Land To Conserve Bird Of Paradise

Considering the name of Conservation Province, many people will see how the region has a huge biodiversity. The name itself is not just a joke, some prominent west Papua forest areas are conserved to be a natural habitat of many fauna and floras. Malaumkarta Raya at Makbon District, is one of them. How good is the place? Here are the details.

The Forest Of Cenderawasih Habitat

Malaumkarta Raya is a forest area at the Makbon Distrik, Sorong. It is one of the known areas for the endemic bird of paradise to live on. That is why the natural habitat is currently under a strict conservation movement that leads to local wisdom and tribe collaboration. As it covers forests, some part has turned into a potential ecotourism site.

The forest area is owned by 14 local sub-tribes. While living as a cohabitant in the forest, the locals practice the local wisdom to preserve the home of multifarious Cenderawasih and natural resources. From the ranges of the forest, the best one is in the Malagufuk village.

The forest itself is a natural habitat of the Bird of paradise or Cenderawasih species. Around Malagufuk and the West Papua Malaumkarta Raya, tourists or visitors can visit some birdwatching sites to enjoy the trip. Some of the Cenderawasih species found in the areas are Magnificent Riflebird or Cenderawasih kuning kecil.

Not only in Malagufuk, but some areas such as the lust forest of Kalami are also the customary areas of various Cenderawasih. Some of them are Belah rotan or the kuning kecil. According to the locals, the two species have different habits and numbers. Kuning Kecil has more in number, and they are easily spotted in the nearby forest.

Meanwhile, the Belah Rotan bird of paradise species is pretty shy and found deep in the lush forest. The distinctive habits are mostly found from its habitual to live within a group of females and males. Meanwhile, the Kuning Kecil species are most likely to appear playing around the forest close to the local habitant.

Characteristic-wise, the Belah Rotan Cenderawasih is considered the most unique one. The distinctive styles are found in the spiral-like curvy tail of the male. It is pretty fun to look at since the West Papua endemic bird is pretty hard to find. The other characteristic is the red, yellow, or blue colors on the head with green color on the chest.

The Malagufuk As The Ecotourism Site

One of them is the Malagufuk eco-tourism village. The popular bird of paradise spot is part of the Moi Tribe dwelling, in which collaborating in the conservation method by its local wisdom. Even though the bird of paradise is not only living in their forest, the tribe is still working around with their local wisdom to preserve nature.

The Malagufuk itself is one of the favorite and known places in Malaumkarta Raya as a bird-watching site. It has been part of the independent ecotourism village development since 2016. It later came to be known for its huge potential due to the unique and local management method.

Ecotourism is also a primary income and livelihood of the villagers, which makes the village a certain unique. The local community also takes a huge role in pushing the government regulation on the surrounding forest under the name of west Papua Hutan adat. The locals also highlight the mapping of tribes and natural resources potentials.

Pulau Um As One Of The Natural Habitat

Aside from the Malaumkarta Raya forest, one km away from the forest lies Pulau Um or Um island. It is one of the conservation sites for bats and natural ecotourism. The local government said that the island will get significant development as a natural forest conservation area that is home to bats and endemic birds.

Enjoying the Malaumkarta Raya Ocean

Aside from the forest and bird of paradise conservation, the location also flaunts its rich marine biodiversity. The ocean part around the district is known as the Dugong habitat. It also stated that the number of Dugong is more than what tourists found in Raja Ampat. Not only Dugong or marine mammals, but the water part also covers the beautiful coral reef surface.

Inside the three miles of Malaumkarta Raya ocean is under the traditional conservation method. This is why the conservation areas around west Papua are still underdeveloped. Mostly to appreciate the local wisdom, method, and livelihood. Currently, Malaumkarta Raya has been one of the developing areas that strive for better local income and livelihood through ecotourism.

As one of the prominent conservation sites in the province, Malaumkarta has a lot to tell. The forest around the area is one of the natural habitats of the Bird of Paradise. It is also a home of many flora and fauna, including the Pulau UM which is the habitat of local bats and Birds of paradise. The place is currently one of the ecotourism sites by local tribes.