The Uniqueness of Mandala Peak with Quite Fantastic Heights

Mandala Peak

Mandala PeakIndonesia is an archipelago country surrounded by mountains. So, don’t be surprised if there are lots of mountains with quite fantastic heights in this country.

One of them is Mandala Peak which is located in Papua. This is often used as a destination for climbing by climbers.

About Mandala Peak

Mandala Peak is the 2nd highest mountain range in Indonesia with an altitude of 4,760 meters.

Located in Bintang Regency, Mount Mandala is also one of the ranks of the Jayawijaya Mountains. This Mount has another name Juliana Peak.

This peak uses as a hiking trail that is popular with climbers. It’s no wonder that many climbers add to their experience to get to this peak.

In the past, this peak was also covered with snow on top. However, due to global warming, the snow is disappearing.

When you reach the top of the Mandala, you will see spectacular and pleasing-to-the-eye views.

The beauty of the natural surroundings and cold air in this location will replace your tiredness after climbing. Enjoying the cool air while sipping coffee can be a solution when you are at the top.

Mandala Peak in Papua

Every place has its own uniqueness; so many people also make this place a destination for vacations or other activities while enjoying the beauty of nature.

This also happens at the top of the mandala, where there are many unique things that many people can find. Here’s the full explanation!

1. The Background Name

During the Dutch colonial period, the pinnacle of Mount Mandala was popular as Juliana Top or Juliana Peak.

Because of the discovery of this well-known mountain, the Dutch colonialists played a significant role at the time.

Its distinctiveness is also becoming more widely recognized by individuals from many countries, and many climbers from other countries are attempting to scale it.

If you are unsure about spending your holiday time with friends, consider this location and experience a different sensation to relieve the fatigue of everyday tasks.

2. Being on the Border of the Country

Mandala Peak forms the eastern part of the Bintang Mountains and is near the Indonesian border with Papua New Guinea.

This is unique in itself because climbers can see the sights of two adjacent countries at once. The expanse of hills and forests will make your tiredness disappear and your mind fresher.

In addition, this will also give you a new experience when climbing. Also, make sure to bring enough equipment because your trip is quite far to reach the top of this mountain.

Don’t forget to wear thick clothes so that the cold temperature doesn’t make your body feel uncomfortable.

3. Covered by Snow

Like Puncak Jaya, Puncak Mandala was also covered in snow. However, due to global warming, the snow in Puncak Jaya is slowly disappearing.

If there is still snow, surely you can feel a different sensation when you are at this peak, because it gives the impression that you are abroad but you don’t have to wait for winter.

However, unfortunately, due to the hot temperature around it, the snow began to melt so that the top of the mandala is now snow-clean.

So, you can’t find this view again if you want to visit this peak. However, the scenery is still beautiful and beautiful and able to spoil the eye.

That was information related to the uniqueness of Mandala Peak which you can visit to climb or just spend vacation time.

Make sure to wear thick clothes because you are at a high altitude, so the cold temperature will not make your body shiver.