Manokwari Government’s 3 Public Service Priorities for 2024

Manokwari Government

Manokwari Government

On Saturday (16/7/2002), the Infrastructure Development Acceleration Team of Manokwari Regency held meetings at Aston Hotel to discuss several development programs for the 2022-2024 period. Officials of the Manokwari Government and West Papua Province attended the said meetings. Raymond Yap, the Third Assistant for Administrative Affairs of the Regional Secretariat of West Papua Province, was pointed as the head of the team.

Notwithstanding the status as the Capital City of West Papua Province, the development of Manokwari Regency is still lagging compared to other provincial capitals in Indonesia. Thus, the active officials have proposed a variety of projects including infrastructure, innovation, and expansion of places to advance the development of the regency. Three major projects concerning the public service priorities were approved and would be built in Manokwari Regency for the 2023 to 2024 period.

3 Public Service Priorities of the Manokwari Government

  1. The Redevelopment of Sanggeng Market

Sanggeng Market, located on Yos Sudarso street, caught fire in 2018. Due to this accident, the local government decided to reconstruct the market. They wanted to develop the place to be an icon for the Manokwari Regency and support the community’s economic activity.

The new Sanggeng Market will have four floors with a modern design. Starting with the relocation of the citizen, the development of the Sanggeng Market has taken around 70 billion rupiahs funded by the central government, from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. The acceleration of this development was set to promote better city planning.

  1. Infrastructure Developments of Rendani Airport

Hermus Indou, the Regent of Manokwari Regency, has confirmed to accelerate the new developments of Rendani Airport. At least, the airport should have the qualification to be an international airport. Located on Trikora Rendani street, Wosi Village, Manokwari District, Mr. Hermus Indou has arranged a plan to make the airport the main entrance to the capital city of West Papua.

In addition, he wanted to make the airport available for supporting tourism and economic mobility by integrating it with the regency’s shopping center. He wanted future visitors or tourists to have a direct flight to West Papua Province. Thus, it is imperative to expand the airport runway and construct more access roads. In his speech, the Rendani Airport’s runway length will be extended to 2,500 meters. Officials of the Manokwari Government will be working together with the Ministry of Transportation and the Provincial Government.

  1. The Construction of Public Open Space in the Borarsi Area

As an answer to the public’s needs, the Borarsi field will undergo construction to be a public open space. Located on Jenderal Sudirman street, West Manokwari District, the Borarsi area will be arranged to provide the necessary facilities and infrastructures for various activities for the government, religious community, and common people. In addition, the plan will be implemented in 2024.

The area’s design will have two separate spaces: the closed space and the public space. In the closed space, there will be a VIP stage, youth center, and shopping area. The public who has micro, small, and medium enterprises will have access to use this space. Meanwhile, the open space is useful for the public as the parking area and multi-use courtyard. These facilities and infrastructures will be built on 2.4 hectares of land.

Although Manokwari Regency falls short in advanced infrastructure as the Capital City, the officials of the Manokwari Government keep on trying to give their utmost in providing better developments. With these priorities for the public, they want to create an opportunity. Thus it can foster the city’s growth through the assistance of the indigenous community and central governme