Manokwari White Sand Beach: Gems of East Indonesian Coast

Manokwari White Sand Beach

The mainstay vacation spot on the eastern side of Indonesia is the coast. This also happened in the regency of Manokwari. This area has a lot of enchanting coasts and the Manokwari White Sand Beach is probably one of the most beautiful of them.

If you love nature, this is the perfect vacation for you. At White Sand Beach, you can enjoy the smell of the sea that will make you relax. Aside from that, there is also much stunning scenery you can enjoy in this area. Here are the enchantments of Manokwari White Sand Beach!

Enchantment of Its Grit

main attractions of Manokwari White Sand Beach

One of the main attractions of Manokwari White Sand Beach is, obviously, the grit. As its name suggests, the grit on this Manokwari beach is white. The grit is soft and perfect if you want to use it for sunbathing.

You could sunbathe while enjoying how beautiful the sun is in Manokwari. Besides that, you could also see the sunrise and enjoy the sunset while starting the day. Also, the scenery around the beach will spoil your eyes.

You can do it with your friends, family, or significant other. This is because the presence of white sand beaches is not very common in Indonesia. Therefore, White Sand Beach has become one of the tourist attractions in Manokwari that you must visit.

Enchantment of Its Ocean

Besides the sand, the White Sand Beach in Manokwari is famous for its ocean. This is because you can see three different color gradations: light blue, dark blue, and turquoise. It is probably why White Sand Beach became one of the most beautiful beaches in West Papua.

In addition, you can let the children play on the beach without feeling worried. This is because White Sand Beach has calm water without big waves. So it is safe for children. That is why this place is perfect for a family vacation.

Here, you can see the island of Mansinam and also the mountains of Arfak. This definitely adds to the enchantments of the White Sand Beach of Manokwari. It is why you must visit the beach once you come to West Papua

Enchantment of Its Culinary

specialty foods from West Papua

Aside from its natural beauty, the White Sand Beaches Manokwari is a perfect place for culinary tourism. Here, you can find many specialty foods from West Papua. You will find many food stalls on the beach, both in modern styles and traditional styles.

So you will not feel hungry while on vacation at White Sand Beach. You can eat seafood, one of the natural resources in this area. Many local people are selling food around the beach. In addition, there are also various mini cafes you can visit if you prefer to hang out casually.

How to Go There

beaches in West Papua

If you intend to travel to White Sand Beach, you do not need to worry because access is very easy. It is located in Manokwari, the capital of West Papua Province, and the access is through the Rendani Airport.

From Rendani Airport, you can use a taxi or other public transportation to get to the beach. The distance is quite close, which is only about 11,8 km. You probably need around 30 minutes to get there if you use a conventional taxi or motorcycle taxi.

In addition, you can also bring your own vehicle because there are many parking spaces on the coast. You also do not have to worry about the budget. It is because the Manokwari White Sand Beach entrance fee is free. You only need to pay for parking for Rp10.000 to Rp20.000.

So, it is understandable why Manokwari White Sand Beach is very worth visiting.