Matias Mairuma: The Renowned Regent from Kaimana

Matias Mairuma

If you’re unfamiliar with Matias Mairuma, He is a former Kaimana, West Papua regent. He was once a brilliant regent who won two elections.

A little background on Kaimana It is a magnificent place positioned in the throat of a Papuan bird-like geological location. It offers natural riches comparable to Raja Ampat, particularly Triton Bay.

If you want to learn more about Matias Mairuma and his legacies as the head of this lovely area, stick with us, and let’s appreciate the delicacies beautifully.

Matias Mairuma: Who Is He?

Matias Mairuma, born on July 24, 1961, in Kaimana, is one of the finest Papuan generations. He was previously the monarch of Kaimana, a tiny province in West Papua known for its spectacular underwater scenery.

He won two elections, making him regent for two terms in the area, from 2016 until 2021, with his vice-regent, Ismail Sirfefa, who replaced George Yarangga.

That is to say, he had been under the power of presidents Joko Widodo and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during his tenure.

In terms of education, he graduated from Victory University Sorong and Jendral Ahmad Yani University with majors in political sciences and law. He is presently pursuing his doctorate at Padjadjaran University, Bandung, following his resignation as a regent of Kaimana.

He has an excellent political reputation, and before being a regent, he worked as a DPRD for West Papua from 2004 to 2010.

His Career as a Regent

It was a melancholy ending to his reign as regent. A Kaiman leader who has been reigning for over 15 years with the assistance of 20 other politicians has assisted in his becoming a good ruler, close to the best.

He addressed numerous things before stepping down as a regent on March 24, 2021. One of his final remarks was that he was glad for the opportunity to lead the area.

The Beautiful Island of Kaimana

Kaimana is a stunning Indonesian landmark. Because of its stunning underwater vistas, it has become one of the most popular tourist sites. With its renowned anthem “Senja di Pulau Kaimana,” this unique island is known as a “sunset island.”

It offers breathtaking beauty from land to sea. Some even believe that Kaimana Island is more beautiful than Raja Ampat. Hiking, fishing, bird viewing, diving, and other activities are available. You’ll be pleased and pampered if you ever set foot in this paradise, not to mention its plethora of natural riches.

In terms of geographical structure, this island had an area of around 18,500 km2 and a population of up to 67,291 people in 2015.

What Matias Mairuma Did to Promote the Kaimana Economy?

Matias Mairuma is said to know the island inside and out. That alone is his most valuable asset in making the island known and heard about by the public.

A slew of tourism development initiatives has been introduced. For example, when the Bandara Awards committee met, He was one of the event’s key speakers.

He devised brilliant plans to improve his island and make it the best it could be. Several difficulties arose throughout the process of establishing Kaimana. The priorities are human development (education), infrastructure, and health care.

He also agreed with prominent Indonesian colleges to send certain Kaimana teachers to study there. He also successfully transported eight of the island’s brightest pupils to Germany so that they might have a brighter future in Kaimana, West Papua.

So it was a peek at Matias Mairuma. It is fair to presume that this former regent is one of the leaders who are quite prominent. He has contributed significantly to the development of West Papua, particularly the Kaimana area. A wonderful regency that is expected to be as lovely as, if not more attractive than, the renowned Raja Ampat.