The Mystical Sensation of Misool Kingdom, Raja Ampat

The Mystical Sensation of Misool Kingdom, Raja Ampat

The Misool Kingdom provides a breathtaking view of natural beauty, with the waters serving as a highway for large creatures such as whales and octopuses. Because the water is crystal clear with a touch of turquoise color, you can see the fascinating underwater life from the surface.

Where is Misool?

Where is Misool - Misool Kingdom

Indonesia has a huge array of islands as one of the world’s largest archipelagos. Every island in Indonesia has its own unique charm that draws visitors. In West Papua, an eccentric island was nestled among the Raja Ampat isles. Misool is one of Raja Ampat’s four major islands.

Misool, originally Misol or Mysol, is a small island paradise that can only be reached by boat from the port of Sorong. It is located close to the shores of the Ceram Sea. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of various tropical attractions that will leave you with priceless memories.

Misool Diving

Misool Diving

Misool is an exceptionally vibrant location for the variety and color of coral and reef life. The pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, and nudibranchs are scattered over the coral-covered slopes, making them perfect for macro enthusiasts.

Given how active the reefs are at night and how many fascinating creatures are to be found there, night diving in Misool is unsurprisingly excellent.

The Boo dive site is the island’s crowning achievement regarding reefs and coral diving at Misool. On the Raja Ampat route, several dive ships can stop at this location.

There are gorgonians, sea whips, soft and hard corals in a rainbow of colors, and even a few caves and swim-throughs. Everything you turn around offers something new.

Divers must consider two things. Misool is quite isolated, so bring extras of anything you can’t live without or dive without. Also, the water is warm, around 30 degrees, but when diving near sharp corals and fire urchins, consider covering your skin.

Misool Eco Resort

Misool Eco Resort

Do you want to explore Misool Island? Then choose a resort or homestay on the island that best suits your needs. Once you reach there, get ready to become enchanted by the island’s magic.

Misool Eco Resort is a stunning private island hideaway devoted to eco-tourism. Misool Eco Resort, located in the heart of a breathtaking marine reserve, combines the variety and quality of liveaboard diving with the comforts of a private island resort and the guilt-free conscience of an eco-lodge.

The resort’s main draw is its bright and spacious dive center, built on stilts above the clear blue water.

The dive center offers direct access to the ocean via stairs that lead directly down into the north lagoon or via the jetty, which houses four dive boats. Anyone who sees this area is always drawn to it.

Custom snorkeling and diving experiences are available based on each guest’s interests and experience level, with various adjustable guidance boat dives available every time.

How Do You Get to Misool Island?

How Do You Get to Misool Island - Misool Kingdom

Misool is located 150 kilometers southwest of Sorong by boat. You can transit through Jakarta and arrive the evening before your stay at Misool. It is also possible to transit through Bali, though the flights are less convenient.

You can continue your journey from Sorong to Batbitim once you arrive at Sorong Airport. The schedule of the departing ferry may frequently change due to weather.

Although Misool is one of Raja Ampat’s four largest and most important islands, getting there can take up to 9 hours on a slow boat. However, a popular alternative is an express ferry, which takes only 4–4.5 hours.

The boat ride to the Misool Kingdom will leave a lasting experience for its amazing heavenly view of lush green islets and underwater beauty.

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