The Life of Former Regent Fakfak – Mohammad Uswanas

Mohammad Uswanas

Fakfak, West Papua, is one of the eastern Indonesian regions. The Regent is the regional leader in this territory. Mohammad Uswanas is among them. He was once the most famous leader in West Papua’s Fakfak area. Let’s learn more about the 2010 Fakfak Regent.

The Regent of Fakfak – Mohammad Uswanas

The Regent of Fakfak - Mohammad Uswanas

The regent, as the central government’s representative in the region, plays a vital role in the development of a region. As a result, it is critical to understand the names of those in crucial positions.

As for Mohammad Uswanas, M.Si is a former Fakfak regent who served two terms. Here is some further information about him:

He was born on February 16, 1960, in West Papua. He is one of the six children of Abdul Kadir Uswanas and Aisyah Atamimi. He is married to Lina Surjani, and they have two children.

In his days, he was joined in his responsibilities by Abraham Sopaheluwakan, Deputy Regent of Fakfak.

The Academic Life and Mohammad Uswanas

According to Mohammad Uswanas, education must be a means of discovering the core of the educated specific vocation. Education, for him, is the key to the future.

See the following for further information about his educational journey:

  1. Fakfak Elementary School (YPK).
  2. SMA Negeri (State High School) 416 Fakfak.
  3. S1 Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Irian Jaya University.
  4. S3 Public Policy Study Program, Gajah Mada University Yogyakarta.

Given his activities in education, it is possible to conclude that Mohammad Uswanas is one of West Papua’s children who seriously cares about education.

The Professional Route of Mohammad Uswanas

A young person’s career generally begins while he is still young. When they enter college, their spirits usually begin to mature. This also applies to Mohammad Uswanas.

Mohammad Uswanas has been involved in groups since he was a child. He was previously the president of SMA 416 Fakfak’s student council and the Provincial Ansor Youth Movement.

The route then led him to become the Golkar Party DPD administrator. Mohammad Uswanas was also listed as the Golkar Party DPD’s Deputy Chairman. And eventually made him the Regent of Fakfak for two terms at its apex.

Next, to make it simple, we’ve compiled a list of his work experience and his organizational background in a brief essay below.

  1. The Historical Background
  • Jayapura Technical Academy’s Student Administration Subdivision Head (ATJ)
  • PT Sucofindo Persero Jayapura employee
  • Regent of Fakfak, Member of Irian Jaya Provincial Parliament)
  • Fakfur’s Regent
  1. The Organizational History
  • SMA 416 Student Council Chairman
  • Vice Chairman of DPD I Golkar Party Irian Jaya Province
  • Management of DPD II Golkar Party Fakfak Regency
  • Chairman of Anshor Youth of Irian Jaya Province
  • Board of DPD Golkar Party Irian Jaya Province
  • Fakfak Regency DPD II Golkar Party Chairman

From that short essay, you may say that Mr. Mohammad Uswanas has been engaged in the realm of politics since the beginning. That’s why rising to the highest leadership position in Fakfak Regency, West Papua, is not difficult for him.

His Mission and Vision for Fakfak Regency

Mohammad Uswanas was the leader of Fakfak from 2016 to 2020, with the goal of “realizing a respectable, competitive, and wealthy Fakfak Regency community.”

The vision is elaborated in the following missions:

  1. Enhance the quality of human resources through quality education and dependable, educational resources.
  2. Improve infrastructure service availability and quality.
  3. Design a people’s economy centered on fishing and plantation agriculture.
  4. Implement ecologically responsible and long-term resource management.
  5. Develop an effective and authoritative government that maintains the rule of law and justice.

All in all, we can assume that Mohammad Uswanas is an exceptional figure from West Papua. A great regent indeed.