Get to Know Moscona Tribe in West Papua

Moscona Tribe

West Papua not only has abundant natural wealth but is also rich in culture. Various tribes in West Papua with their own culture and language are important treasures for West Papua. One of them is the Moscona tribe.

The Moscona tribe is part of the Arfak sub-tribe, which now mostly inhabits Teluk Bintani. Each tribe has traditions from their ancestors preserved until now, as well as the Moscona tribe. You will surely be amazed by it.

Get to Know the Moscona Tribe

At first, the Moscona tribe was included in the large Arfak mountain tribe that inhabited Manokwari Regency. However, after the division of the region, administratively, the Moscona tribe entered Bintani Bay Regency.

The Moscona tribe is one of the major tribes in Bintani Bay. The Moscona tribe lives in the hinterland. For the Moscona tribe, the forest is like a mother whose existence is highly respected and guarded.

The daily language used by the Moscona tribe is usually the Moscona language. The Moscona tribe has approximately 10 clans.

Moscona Tribal District

The Moscona tribe occupies eight districts in Bintani Bay Regency. The following is a list of districts and villages where the Moscona tribe lives.

  • North Moskona District: Inofina, Merestim, Mosum, Moyeba
  • East Moskona District: Igomu, Mesna, Sumuy
  • South Moskona District: West Barma, Inggof, Jagiro, Mayenda, Rawara
  • West Moskona District: Istiwkem, Macok, Majnic, Mayerga
  • Merdey District: Anajero, Mekiesefeb, Menggerba, Merdey, Meryeb,    Mayetga, Meyom, Mogromus, Morombuy
  • Meyado District: Barma, Barma Baru, Meyado, Vasco Damnen
  • Masyeta District: Kalibiru, Masyeta, Mesomda, Mestofu
  • Biscoop District: Eniba, Ibori, Jahabra, Laudoho, Semmbu, Mayorga, Mowitka

Chief of Tribe as Leader

In the Moscona tribe, there is also a chief who serves as the traditional leader of the Moscona tribe. The tribal chief resolves the problems of social customs and social affairs problems in the land of Moscona.

Customary Forest

A forest is a sacred place for the Moscona tribe which is highly preserved. There is a forest area that has been handed over by the government as the customary forest of the Moscona tribe.

A customary forest is a forest located in the territory of a customary law community whose ownership and processing rights are owned by the customary law community. The customary forest is an important part of the protection of indigenous peoples, not only their customary forest but also their local wisdom.

Tumbu Tanah Dance

Tumbu Tanah Dance

The Tumbu Tanah dance is a traditional dance typical of the Arfak community. However, the Tubu Tanah dance is not only danced by the Arfak tribe, the Arfak sub-tribe also makes the Tumbu Tanah dance their special dance, including the Moscona tribe.

Various names know the dance according to the language of the tribes who dance it. The Hattam people call it ibihim, the Moile people call it isim. While the mugka and sough tribes call it manyohora.

Apart from that, this dance is also known as the snake dance because the formations made when dancing are shaped like a snake wrapping its body around a tree trunk. This dance is usually performed to welcome guests or celebrate weddings.

This dance only uses two basic movements, namely bihim ifiri kai cut and yam. Bihim ifiri kai cut is a jumping movement while stamping his feet on the ground, while yam is a jumping movement while holding hands.

Thus a brief explanation of the Moscona tribe in Bintani Bay Regency. In fact, there are many tribes and traditions of West Papua that are interesting to review.