Must-Have! Accessories Worn with Papuan Tribe Clothing

Papuan Tribe Clothing

Papuan Tribe Clothing

Many people think that Batik or Kebaya is the only traditional clothing in Indonesia. The truth is that Indonesia has so many cultures; each has distinct traditional clothes. One of which is Papua. Papuan tribe clothing and accessories are different from other tribes in Indonesia.

It is unique because it has some patterns we could identify as its own. Therefore, it would be evident if some parties claim or copy it.

However, their traditional clothing and accessories are still unknown to the world. Hence, we are going to learn about the information in this article.

Traditional Papuan Tribe Clothing and Accessories

The traditional clothing of Papua holds its uniqueness and variety that differs from other tribes. The dress usually will be worn on certain occasions such as formal events, weddings, funerals, and cultural activities. But for some generations, this clothing is still worn for everyday use.

The clothing has different names and patterns. Men and women also wear additional accessories. Here are some of them.

1.   The Traditional Koteka

Koteka might be the most known clothing in Papua. The dress is made from the skin of a water pumpkin. After removing the seeds, they will dry them in the sun.

The drying process will be done in several days. This process ensures that the leather will be more manageable and could last longer when forming into a Koteka. The Koteka will have some accessories, such as chicken or bird feathers, at the bottom.

Men of the tribes usually wear this clothing. The short Koteka is used for daily work or activities. At the same time, they will use the longer one in formal activities or cultural events.

2.   The Traditional Brackets

This one is special for the women in the tribe. This is a top dress that is made from velvet. This kind of Papuan clothing is used on women at formal events or cultural activities. However, some people also wear these as daily clothes.

These clothes are also combined with a tassel skirt and necklace or bracelet. An additional headband using cassowary feathers is also used to brighten the look.

3.   Tassel Skirt

The traditional skirt is used with brackets as the top. In some daily activities or formal cultural events, women use the tassel. The dress is made of sago leaves and then woven together to shape it like a skirt.

Even though always identified as women’s clothes, this skirt can also be used by men. Men would wear them as a bottom dress at cultural events. The women who have married are not allowed to wear this skirt.

4.   Traditional Yokal

Yokal is Papuan tribe clothing specially made for married women. Mothers usually wear it for daily activities. It is made from the bark of a tree that is earth-brown in color. Those bark will then be woven into clothing that fits the woman’s body.

5.   Traditional Noken

Noken is an accessory that resembles a sling bag in a modern way. The Papuan people use this accessory for daily activities like shopping. The traditional way of wearing it is by slinging the noken using the head.

However, nowadays, people are using it by slinging it on the shoulders like an everyday bag.


Papuan tribe clothing and its accessories are unique and one of a kind. The pattern is handmade; therefore, each is different and astonishing. Know more about traditional clothing and accessories to show appreciation. Furthermore, you can give more attention to this culture by promoting it to others who are still unaware of the beauty of Papuan clothing. So, are you interested in learning more about it?