Namatota Tourism Village, The Hidden Gem in West Papua

Namatota Tourism Village, The Hidden Gem in West Papua

The eastern region of Indonesia has always had a captivating beauty that deserves to be explored. One that can be a reference is the Namatota tourist village in Kaimana Regency, West Papua. This village, which is also included in the top 300 of the Best Indonesian Tourism Village Awards, is a hidden gem that is so charming. Check out the following information!

Tourism Potential in Namatota Village

Kampung Namatota, Si Hidden Gem Di Papua Barat |

This village in eastern Indonesia presents a promising tourist attraction. With the natural beauty that is still so original, Namatota Village is a destination that is a tourism gateway for domestic and foreign tourists. This is supported by the attraction of marine tourism in line with the preservation of the sea, which is very beautiful.

The village, which is a hidden gem of Papua, is far from the crowds. You can come to this village location by taking 30 to 43 minutes from Kaimana Harbor using a speedboat. When you approach the pier of Kampung Namatota West Papua, visitors will be treated to views of clear seawater and stunning marine life.

Things to do in Namatota Village

This village has many interesting spots that you can visit. If you have a hobby of diving, you can snorkel in clear seawater. You will treat to a stunning underwater view of gorgeous fish and coral reefs. If you don’t want to dive, there are speedboats and traditional fishing boats that you can rent.

Visitors who come to this village location are often interested in swimming from the boat still being boarded to the beach in Namatota Village. Its location far from the city center makes the atmosphere around the village very cool and fresh. Moreover, lush trees make it easier for tourists to take shelter from the hot sun.

If you are tired of walking along the West Papua beach in the Namatota village area, you can sit back and relax in the existing gazebo. There are many spots and gazebos that you can find to relax after a tiring walk in the village area. Not only that, but you can also eat typical culinary offerings from Namatota Village if you are getting hungry.

Apart from enjoying the natural beauty, Namatota Village is known for its long historical value. This village became one of those who played an essential role in the spread of Islam in Kaimana. In the past, there were two Islamic kingdoms located in this village location named Namatota and Kumisi. Thus, you can also infer the history of this village.

Unluckily, the village has problems and matters with telecommunication connectivity. Fortuitously, the local government has made efforts to access internet and telecommunication connections immediately realized in this West Papua village. As a result, tourists who visit the village find it easier to access the internet while on vacation.

All in all, the tourist village of Namatota is one of the destinations that you can visit to spend your vacation time. You can get the natural beauty that is so stunning from the coral reefs and marine life that grows around the beach. In addition, this village has a calm atmosphere and is far from the crowds. Therefore, Namatota Village is an ideal place to choose as a vacation place that you need to consider.