8 Native Tribes of The Kaimana Region that You Should Know

Native Tribes of The Kaimana Region that You Should Know

Kaimana is one of the regencies that exist in West Papua. This area is famous for its beautiful sunsets. That is why Kaimana got the nickname the city of twilight or “Kota Senja.” Aside from that, Kaimana is also famous for its ethnic diversity. Out of the 255 tribes that spread across Papua, 8 of them are native tribes of Kaimana.

Apart from native tribes, there are also many immigrants that live in this region. However, both natives tribes and immigrants coexist in harmony. This is certainly because of the sense of tolerance that comes from the natives. So, here are the explanations about the 8 native tribes of Kaimana that you need to know!

1. Kuripasai Tribe

The first native tribe in the Kaimana area was the Kuripasai Tribe. When you hear Kuripasai, you might immediately remember the legend of Kuri and Pasai. It is a legend about two giants who are believed to be the ancestors of the Papuan.

However, there is no source stating if the legend is related to the tribe of Kuripasai. But at the same time, no data says if the two are unrelated.

2. Miereh Tribe

Miereh Tribe

Then there is also the Miereh Tribe, one of the indigenous tribes in the Kaimana region. Most live in the Miere Village, Etna Bay District, Kaimana Regency. This place borders Urubika Village in the east, and in the west, it borders the sea. It also borders the forest in the south and north.

Most members of the tribe of Miereh speak the Miere language. It is one of the unique languages ​​with a level of difference between 99,25% to 100% from other languages. Aside from that, the most popular thing from this tribe is Seka Dance. It is a dance to express gratitude to the God of the coastal community.

3. Maerasi Tribe

Miereh Tribe

The next one is the Maerasi Tribe, which is also known as the Mairasi Tribe. They inhabit Kaimana District, Arguni Bay District, and Wasior District. Some of them also live in some parts of the Fakfak Regency area.

Most of them speak Mairasi language. Approximately, there are about 2,500 speakers of Mairasi language. This is the same as the estimation of the members of this tribe.

4. Irarutu Tribe

Irarutu Tribe - Native tribes of Kaimana

Then, there is the Irarutu Tribe, one of the largest tribes in West Papua. Apart from Kaimana, some members of this tribe also inhabit the ​​Fakfak and Bintuni Bay areas. Most people know them for their kindness and also for their sense of tolerance.

This is because they are very open to differences. Even though they have different religions or beliefs, they don’t have a problem with it. They still live side by side in harmony.

5. Koiway Tribe

Koiway Tribe

Next, there is also the Koiway Tribe that lives around Namatota Village. This place is an island that is separated from the main island of Papua. This place is the first tourist village located in Kaimana Regency. All the tribe members are Muslim, but they uphold the value of tolerance.

Around the 16th century, there was a Namatota kingdom in this area. Until now, the local citizens still recognize the kingdom’s existence. Therefore, a king still reigns in the customary government amongst the tribe members.

6. Oburau Tribe

Then, there is the Oburau Tribe, also recognized as one of the native tribes in Kaimana.

7. Madewana Tribe

Aside from that, there is also the Madewana Tribe, the native that lives in some Kaimana Regency areas.

8. Kuri Tribe

The last one of them all is the Kuri Tribe. However, besides Kaimana, they live in some of the Bintuni Bay areas.

So, those are the lists of the native tribes of Kaimana that you need to know.