6 Native Tribes of Wondama Bay That You Need to Know

Native Tribes of Wondama Bay That You Need to Know

Besides being rich in terms of natural resources, the land of Papua is also rich in the diversity of its tribes. Approximately in Papua, there are around 255 tribes that exist, including in Wandana Bay. There are more than ten native tribes of Wondama Bay that you need to know.

However, there are 6 of them, that is the biggest one of them all. Here are six native tribes that you can find in Teluk Wondama or Wondama Bay!

1. Wamesa Tribe

Wamesa Tribe - Native tribes of Wondama Bay

The first one on the list is the Wamesa Tribe. It is one of the biggest native tribes in West Papua. They live around Teluk Wandamen, Windesi, Nikiwar, and the archipelago of Roeswar and Roon. Not only that, but they also live in the peninsula of Dusner, Rasiei, Wondiboy, and also Kabouw.

Like most tribes that exist in Papua, the Wamesas have their own culture and language. They speak the bahasa Wamesa or Wamesa language. Up until now, there are around 4.000 people that still speak the language of Wamesa.

2. Maniwak Tribe

Maniwak Tribe

Then, there is the Maniwak Tribe, an ethnic from Melanesian Negroid. They live on the border of Anggris river, in the village of Wasior near Masabuai. Aside from that, you can find them offshore of Sumawawi (Miei). Also, they live in the village of Mangguray to the village of Iriati (Keret Bieth).

The plateaus of Ramar and Aitumiery are on the east side. Then, there is also the river of Mei. Around this area is where the civilization of modern Papuan society begins. It is because the first modern school in Papua appeared here.

3. Roon Tribe

Roon Tribe

The following native tribe that comes from Wondama Bay is the Roon Tribe. Approximately, there are around 1.100 people that exist in the tribes. They live in Roon Island, one of the archipelagos in Teluk Wondama Regency.

Roon Island is located on the west side of Teluk Cendrawasih or Cenderawasih Bay. Precisely, the location is at the end of Tanjung Mangguar. Administratively, they live in the Warsior District and speak bahasa Roon or Roon language.

4. Mairasi Tribe

Mairasi Tribe - Native tribes of Wondama Bay

Then, there is the Mairasi Tribe, one of the tribes in Teluk Wondama or Wondama Bay. They are scattered in several sub-districts in Wondama Bay Regency. Examples are Kaimana District, Teluk Arguni District, and Wasior District. Also, some of them live in Fakfak Regency.

Approximately, there are around 2.500 people from the tribe of Mairasi. They speak the bahasa Mairasi or Mairasi language.

5. Rumberpon Tribe

Rumberpon Tribe

The next tribe that exists in Teluk Wondama Regency is the Rumberpon Tribe. They live around the Rumberpon area, the northernmost district in Wondama Bay. In addition, this area is one of the largest districts in Teluk Wondama Regency. Most of the area is waterways, with one main island.

Approximately, there are around 2.015 people that live on the island of Rumberpon. Most of them speak the local language, which differs from other tribes in Wondama Bay.

6. Sough Tribe

Sough Tribe

Then, there is the Sough Tribe, one of the native tribes that live around Wondama Bay. Aside from Wondama Bay, they also live in the Arfak Mountains. They are one of the four sub-tribe of the Arfak Tribe. However, the four of them have different cultures and also have different languages.

Most of the tribal people from Sough work as farmers. As for religion, the majority of them are Protestant.

Final Words

So, those are the native tribes of Wondama Bay that you need to know. Aside from the six, you can also find many more natives in Teluk Wondama or Wondama Bay Regency. Some of them are Toro Tribe, Kuri Tribe, and Moru Tribe. Aside from natives, there are also immigrants, such as the Biak Tribe.