Nutmeg Syrup: West Papuan’s Notable Beverage Product


Meta description: Not only as a spice, but nutmeg in West Papua can also be made into the beneficial nutmeg syrup! How does it make and how beneficial it is?

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Once upon a time, European explorers, merchants, and sailors went to Maluku Islands (once known as Spice Islands) to look for spices that were impossible to find and cultivate in their homelands. Since they were hungry for spices that could invigorate their health, spice up their foods and increase their wealth, they flocked to the Maluku Islands to find the source of the spices. Nowadays, such spices have spread too in Indonesia, including to the nearby West Papua!

Today, anyone can easily find spices to make their meal more delicious and their bodies healthier than ever before. One such species is nutmeg (pala in Indonesian), a dark-leaved tree with its fruits processed where its seeds will become the famous nutmeg spice. Commonly, people make nutmeg spice by grinding the seeds of fragrant-smelling nutmeg fruits. As a result, many dishes, including the British eggnog, can’t be made without the wonder of nutmeg!

Nutmeg Syrup from West Papua


As time changes, people are becoming more and more creative with the spices that they can easily get now. And since spices are now widespread across Indonesia, each province has its culinary specialties that use these spices. Today, one of such specialties is nutmeg syrup from West Papua.

Nutmeg’s uses are somewhat impressive. You can use it for spices, snacks, and now, people even make nutmeg into syrups! In this regard, nutmeg syrup from West Papua mainly comes from Fakfak Regency.

As one of the main producers of nutmeg in the province, the local people of Fakfak Regency used their creativity to make syrups out of nutmeg (henggi syrup). Nutmeg syrup uses the fruit flesh part that is somehow trashed away when most people usually only uses its seed. Why did this happen?

According to the local populace, this happened originally because people didn’t see the worth of using nutmeg fruit’s flesh for different purposes. Unlike other fruits, many people only planted nutmeg just for the seeds and not for the flesh.

But slowly, some people in Fakfak villages began dipping the fruit flesh in sugar water to make it into sweets. It turned out that the water collected from this process tastes great as well as syrup!

How to make the syrup

So, how can people from Fakfak Regency teach you about making some nutmeg syrup by yourself? Simple! So, here’s the list of ingredients and ways to do it:

  • 750 gram of ripe nutmeg fruit, peel and chop the flesh coarsely without the seed
  • 750 ml of water
  • 500 gram of sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon of citric acid

Once you have all of these, let’s move on to the next step:

  • Mix the ripe nutmeg fruit flesh with 400 ml of water, then blend them
  • Pour the blended water into the pot
  • Put sugar, then add another 350 ml of water before boiling them
  • Skim the foam and strain the boiled water in the basin
  • Cool the boiled water
  • Serve the drink with extra water and ice

Health benefits

Because of its benefits, people from all over the world have continued using nutmeg to maintain their health. And today, with nutmeg being capable of being processed into syrups, we have a new way of enjoying the benefits of nutmeg the way we like!

Consuming nutmeg syrup, according to experts, can calm someone and relieve someone’s insomnia. Apart from that, nutrients from nutmeg can also maintain blood flow, relieve stomach disorders, muscle aches, and stomachaches.

Moreover, if you’re having a cold, enjoying nutmeg syrup can also help you recover from the cold! With its somewhat sweet taste, you don’t have to worry about consuming bitter herbal drinks that can come off as way too bitter for your tastes.

Even better, you can pretty much use nutmeg for other health purposes, like increasing appetite, detoxification, preventing leukemia, controlling blood pressure, increasing body immunity, decreasing smelly body odor, and so many others!

Economic benefits

In the past, people from all over the world were willing to travel to the Maluku Islands and monopolize nutmeg cultivation, increasing their wealth. Nutmeg cultivation in Indonesia remains a significant economic commodity because of its value.

With nutmeg syrup gaining prominence as a noteworthy nutmeg product, people begin looking for opportunities to sell it from Fakfak Regency to elsewhere.

According to Abdul Rahim, Chief of Forestry Service of Fakfak Regency, nutmeg is the main economic commodity in the area. Capable of at least producing 1.400 tons of nutmeg each year, nutmeg syrup sales to other places will surely be economically beneficial to the regency as a whole.


Who would’ve thought that nutmeg in West Papua can be made into nutmeg syrup that is sweet and healthy? Now, be sure to order the syrup directly from the makers in Fakfak Regency if you want to try the syrup!