Officials from the Liberation of West Papua Vouch for the NKRI

Officials from the Liberation of West Papua Vouch for the NKRI

In Jayapura, Papua, on Wednesday (23/3), Alex Ruyaweri Yessi Makabori, who also serves as the Army Chief of Staff for the Liberation of West Papua Army (TPNPB) in the Tabi region, swore allegiance to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Officials from the Liberation of West Papua Vouch for the NKRI

Alex Ruyaweri Yessi Makabori’s Statement on Liberation of West Papua

When making his pledge, Alex promised to return to Mother Earth and turn over various items connected to the separatist group.

Alex Ruyaweri Yessi Makabori, 70, is the TPNPB army’s chief of staff and holds the title of 3-star general. He is active in his organization, according to Jayapura Police Chief AKBP Fredrickus WA Maclarimboen.

Alex then handed the authorities several empty bullets totaling 20 rounds to a general wearing a striped shirt. Upon his return, Alex kissed the Merah Putih flag to declare his loyalty to the Republic of Indonesia.

Alex was prepared to submit all the paperwork and proof he had obtained while participating in TPNPB, according to Fredrickus. According to Erik Makabori, his biological son, and the February 14, 2022 warrant, he requested that the Jayapura Police look after his parents.

Finally, Fredrickus declared that Alex was ready to attend police training. Additionally, Alex thanked the police chiefs of Papua and Jayapura for their efforts up to his return to Indonesia.

The Armed Criminal Group Also Vouch for NKRI

The Ambaidiru Village, Kosiwo District, Yapen Regency, Papua-based Armed Criminal Group (KKB), has sworn allegiance to the Republic of Indonesia. According to them, they turned themselves as part of the Liberation of West Papua into Indonesia.

According to Yapen Police Chief AKBP Ferdyan Indra Fahmi, the National Police, which acts as the security system, is strongly committed to safeguarding the Papua area. All groups need to receive a high-quality education to reduce conflicts.

In a written statement, Ferdyan stated, “We have considered the Yapen community as part of our family, the TNI-Polri, including the local government.”

Officials continue to make law enforcement efforts in a convincing and humanitarian manner after enforcing the law on the KKB. Thus, the general public will comprehend that the TNI and the Poli are not rivals but rather relatives.

Papua’s Local Government Needs Apparatus to Develop Yapen Islands

The equipment is in Papua to help the regional government develop the Yapen Islands. Additionally, the entire community will benefit by accelerating health and education welfare.

We must ensure that the Christmas celebration occurs peacefully, safely, happily, and full of wisdom, Ferdyan continued. “Right now, we are also focusing on safeguarding the community and protecting the community in welcoming the celebration of Christmas Day on December 25 in 2022.”

Ferdyan also praised KKB Kampung Ambaidiru for its genuine efforts in coming to surrender and pledging allegiance to the Republic of Indonesia. It is due to Papua’s declaration of Liberation of West Papua that it has been a part of Indonesia ever since its independence.

“The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is a contender to lead this country’s next generation. We must now work to improve the quality of our human resources, especially in the Yapen Islands Regency, in order to fight for the welfare of our society “Finally, he said.