Get to Know the History and Interesting Facts of Old Papua

Old Papua

Old Papua certainly has many history and facts. The origin of the name Papua itself has only changed since 2003,

And became a country that the Dutch almost took over from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia at that time.

Let’s Get to Know the History and Interesting Facts of Old Papua

Papua is one of the most extreme provinces but is a jewel of the country’s soul. The history of Papua will increase your knowledge. Here are some old Papuan historical facts:

1. Dispute with the Netherlands

As many people already know, the Netherlands is one of the countries that colonized Indonesia, and one of them is Papua.

The results of the round table stated that Indonesia was free from the Dutch, but the Dutch still wanted part of West Papua.

The Dutch wanted West Papua to become their territory because they thought that West Papua was an area that had extraordinary wealth.

This problem came to the United Nations, which was then negotiated again.

The people of western Papua will decide whether they want to be part of Indonesia.

However, on May 1, 1963, West Papua was fully handed over to Indonesia, and the people of West Papua also chose to go to Indonesia.

2. History of Free Papua Organization

The unification of old Papuan into Indonesia in 1969 was the fruit of an agreement between the Netherlands and Indonesia.

It causes Papuans to feel they do not have any relationship with Indonesia or other Asian countries.

The Free Papuan Organization is already disturbing because they feel they have the right to be independent of Indonesia and form their own sovereign state.

3. Previous Name Change

Did you know that old Papuan has the name Irian Jaya? That name must be familiar.

The name Irian Jaya continued to be used officially until the issuance of Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning the Special Autonomy for Papua.

There were various protests regarding the merger of Central and East in 2023.. The eastern part still uses the name Papua, and the western part becomes West Irian Jaya Province.

4. Unlocking the History of Freeport

Papua will surely make you remember and concentrate on Freeport. Freeport, which is in Papua, has become a magnet for the whole world because of it.

At the beginning of the Soeharto government period, the government took a policy to take various concrete steps to increase economic development.

After that held, a meeting between Langbourne Williams and Julius Tahija.

Julius met general Ibnu Sutowo, Indonesia’s Minister of Mines and Petroleum, and finally allowed the project.

Julius Tahija to introduce Indonesia abroad to promote Foreign Investment Policy to Australia.

5. Now, President Joko Widodo Often Visit Papua

It is still rare for heads of state to come to Papua for visits because of the many horrific conflicts that concern security. But that does not apply to Jokowi.

On Tuesday (10/9/2019), Jokowi went to Papua to meet representatives of the Papuan people, and they conveyed 10 points of request to Jokowi.

There is something unique in the tenth point, namely, wanting Jokowi to build a palace.

Jokowi considers this to be considered and even agrees. As for the land, the people are ready to donate land to construct the palace. The free donated land is 10 hectares.

Old Papua with history has an inseparable bond. You can read many reasons and interesting facts about that will astonish you. Papua has always had extraordinary privileges.