Get to Know about Fact of Otsus Papua, Special Autonomy!

Otsus Papua

Special Autonomy or Otsus Papua, which is a special authority for Papua, is in the spotlight, whether it’s a positive or negative thing.

In addition, Papua’s Special Autonomy aims to improve people’s welfare.

Get to know the Otsus Papua. This Some of the Facta!

Apart from welfare, another goal of Special Autonomy for Papua is to overcome conflict problems that occur in a society.

This article will explain more fully what Special Autonomy for Papua is. Here are some fact about otsus Papua:

1. Jokowi Officially Signs Law Number 2/2021 Concerning Otsus Papua

President Joko Widodo officially signed Law Number 2 of 2021 concerning Papua’s Special Autonomy.

Previously, the law was passed through a plenary meeting of the DPR. Several articles have changed from the previous rules.

One of the changes is pasal 4, which covers authority in all fields of government, except for the authority in foreign policy, defence and security, monetary and fiscal, and religion.

In pasal 76, the expansion of provincial and district/city areas is approved by the MRP and DPRP after paying extreme attention to socio-cultural unity, the readiness of human resources, and others.

Mahfud said that the revision regarding the validity period of the special autonomy fund, which initially had to end in November 2021, was extended again to 2022.

Mahfud also talked about the issue of an independent Papua.

His party is trying to resolve human rights cases in Papua. For him, a group of people are trying to tarnish Indonesia’s image by playing up issues around human rights.

2. The Issue of Otsus Papua Law Appeared at the Beginning Discussion

In several provisions of laws and regulations governing public services, every citizen has the right to obtain services in the context of providing goods or services for basic needs.

Otsus Papua wants to make the people of Papua prosperous. In this context, it means the welfare of parts of Indonesia itself. The Papua Special Autonomy Law is a middle ground or a compromise.

In the first trial held online on Wednesday (22/9/2021), the Petitioners argued for norms in the provisions of several articles.

The Petitioners are the cultural representation of OAP in protecting the rights of indigenous Papuans.

This right is based on respect for customs and culture, empowering women, and consolidating religious harmony.

3. The Otsus Papua Law Provides Wider Authority for the Papuan People

Otsus Papua is giving broad authority to the province and the people of Papua to regulate and manage themselves within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

DPR Commission III member Supriansa conveyed this. He also revealed that the Papua Special Autonomy Law was an improvement to Law Number 21 of 2001.

To ensure the continuity of the provision of Special Autonomy funds for Papua Province, which has been running for 20 years.

The Papua Special Autonomy Law also aims to accelerate development and increase the equity of development in Papua.

4. Inauguration of the Otsus Papua

The Republic of Indonesia granted Otsus Papua through Law Number 21 of 2001, amended by Perpu No. 1 of 2008.

For other regulations, the Papua Region continues to use the same Regional Government Law throughout Indonesia.

The budget for Papua and West Papua in 2022 consists of Rp. 12.9 trillion in special autonomy funds,

Additional infrastructure funds, transfer funds to regions and village funds of Rp. 50.2 trillion, and ministerial or institutional spending of Rp. IDR 21.6 trillion.

Despite many previous debates, Otsus Papua certainly has reasonable goals, but this is a manifestation of Indonesia’s hopes for Papua.

All parties support and conclude that Papua deserves to receive Otsus.