Papua and West Papua Infrastructure Development Collaboration Still Becomes Government’s Priority

West Papua
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Papua and West Papua provinces are inseparable parts from the Republic of Indonesia. The province of Papua was formerly known as Irian Jaya but in 2003, the province was divided into two provinces. The eastern region is called Papua province and the west is called West Papua province. Lately, the development in these two provinces is undeniable progressing extraordinarily

Starting the development in Papua and West Papua provinces is indeed not as easy as it looks. The geographical areas of these two provinces are quite challenging because it consists of steep valleys and row of mountains. Not to mention the wide area. The area of West Papua itself is 102,946 km2. To learn more about Papua and West Papua infrastructure development collaboration, keep reading. 

West Papua
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Presidential Instructions

To show the central government’s commitment to promote the welfare and growth in the two provinces, President Joko Widodo issued Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2020 concerning the Acceleration of Welfare Development in Papua and West Papua Provinces, as well as Presidential Decree Number 20 of 2020 concerning the Integrated Coordination Team for the Acceleration of Welfare Development in Papua Province and Papua Province. 

These Presidential instructions will highlight various integrated, precise, and synergized actions plans and priorities to implement immediate infrastructure development growth in the provinces. The Papua and West Papua infrastructure development collaboration will also reach some remote areas in this Cendrawasih Island. In fact, the central government doesn’t stop in equalization with other regions in Indonesia but wishes to give a rapid and full priority


Budget and Progress

The 2021 Fiscal Year/Tahun Anggaran(TA) shows the budget allocation for the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) for Papua province is Rp732.87 billion for Water Resources (SDA), Rp4.49 trillion for roads and bridges, and Rp683.03 billion for settlements, and Rp288.35 billion for housing. In July 2021, the physical progress of infrastructure development in Papua is 37.95%, and financial is 41.06%.

Meanwhile, the 2021 Fiscal Year/Tahun Anggaran(TA) for West Papua province is Rp543.27 billion for natural resources sector, Rp2.66 trillion for roads and bridges, and Rp312.23 billion for settlements, and Rp228.83 for housing. Based on the data in July, the physical progress of infrastructure development is 44.09%, and financial is 42.9%.


Programs to Meet Challenges

The Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) stated that the reliable infrastructure is also a response to challenges faced by Papua. To meet the challenges, the Minister commits to set four programs. 

The first program is equal community welfare development. The second is affirmative support to improve Papuan people’s human resources. The third program is implementing the Cash Intensive Program/Program Padat Karya Tunai (PKT) and the fourth program is fulfilling the basic need and public services with the support of PUPR infrastructure. 

The first program will be implemented by opening isolated areas and increase connectivity access with transportation infrastructure. The second program will be conducted with human resources capacity development, construction services HR training, and local business empowering. 

The third program will be done with the implementation of PKT to distribute the Papuan people’s incomes in the context of the National Economic Recovery due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And the last, the fourth program from the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) will be fulfilled with the achievement of basic needs and public services’ needs with the infrastructure support. 

Papua and West Papua infrastructure development collaboration will hopefully lift the economy and welfare of Papuan people. With a constant, synergized, accurate, and non-stopping infrastructure, Papua is ready to become developed cities to advance the Republic of Indonesia.