Papua and West Papua Trekking Adventure, 2 Places for Your Exploration

West Papua Trekking

West Papua Trekking

For fans of Papua and West Papua trekking, the provinces have many excellent, remote places for your trip. Pristine natural forests, unique native tribes, and endemic species of flora and fauna are the main charms of the two regions!

Starting your journey from Sorong or Jayapura Airport, you can resume by hiring local guides or go on without one.

If you are up for the trip, we have narrowed down the three best trekking places. You can continue the journey to either Bailem Valley, Korowai Jungle, or Wamena Mountain Ranges. Here is the description of each trekking destination.

2 Places for Your Papua and West Papua Trekking Adventure

1. Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley is located within the Jayawijaya Mountains in Wamena District, Jayapura Regency, Papua Province. It has an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level. Thus, the valley is surrounded by many natural landscapes and mountains. The temperature is between 10 to 15 degrees Celcius.

Baliem Valley is the residence of several native tribes: Dani, Lani, and Yali Tribes. In each tribe, there is a village that is far from the others. To visit these villages, you can follow the connected trails.

You do not need to worry about trekking alone because many locals can be your guide. Alternatively, you can ask them about the path, and they will tell you the way. Besides visiting and learning about the culture of Papua native tribes, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes surrounding the area.

Trekking to Baliem Valley takes several days, assuming you start the journey from Jayapura Airport to Wamena Airport, then directly head to the valley. After you arrive in Wamena, you can take a short trip from Pikhe District to the valley.

However, visiting several villages and attractions (Pasir Putih Aikima, Kotilola Cave, and Telaga Biru Wamena) near the valley can take several weeks.

2. Korowai Area

The next place for your Papua and West Papua Trekking adventure is the Korowai Area. Korowai is the name of a native tribe living deep inside a dense forest area. The members of the tribe inhabit several districts in the Anim-Hal traditional territory (Boven Digoel, Asmat, Merauke, and Mappi Regengies) in South Papua Province.

The Korowai people are nomads. They live in high treehouses (Rumah Tinggi), 8 to 40 meters above ground, and wear traditional clothing (Koteka and skirts made of woven leaves).

Trekking to the Korowai area takes around 2 weeks, depending on your route. It might take more than a month if you start the journey from Baliem Valley. To start the trip, take another flight to Dekai after you arrive at Jayapura Regency.

Dekai is a small town connecting you to another starting point, Yaniruma (a district in Boven Digoel Regency) or Mabul (a village in Asmat Regency). You can go to either region by taking a local boat. Then, start your jungle trekking by hiring a local guide who can speak Indonesian and English.

What Should You Prepare for the Trip?

The trekking takes days to weeks to complete. Hence, you will need suitable and durable equipment for the journey. Make sure to have great necessities in your backpack, such as water, food, clothes, a blanket, a bivouac, and cash. Upon your arrival in the region, you will need to have a Surat Jalan (travel permit), which costs around $10, issued by the police. This permit will allow you to travel anywhere in West Papua.

Baliem Valley and Korowai Area are the best places for your exploration of Papua and West Papua Trekking. Each trip may take several days or weeks, so prepare yourself and your gear!