Many Variants of Healthy Fresh Drinks, This Taste Papua Beverage

Papua Beverage

Papua Beverage – Papua is famous for its natural beauty that is always attracting tourists’ attention. Apart from that, tourists are also required to taste Papua beverage.

Many variants of healthy fresh drinks, from alcoholic drinks to delicious Papuan coffee.

Es Matoa

The first Papua beverage is Es Matoa. As the name implies, this drink is made from Matoa fruit. This fruit is typical of Papua with a delicious and fresh taste.

This Matoa Ice consists of matoa fruit, fro and fro, sliced jelly, and various other fruits.

Getting this drink is also not difficult because it is available in multiple places to eat, from cafes to restaurants, at affordable prices.

Ants Nest Extract Tea

This Papua beverage sounds unique. But Ants Nest Extract Tea is a herbal remedy with many benefits for the body.

Ant nests contain various kinds of nutrients, such as flavonoids and polyphenols, so they are perfect for the health of the body.

Ants Nest Extract Tea can also be a souvenir because this drink is also available in instant form.


Have you ever heard of swansrai? This typical Papua beverage is made from fermented old coconut water. Fermenting coconut fruit takes quite a long time, so it contains alcohol.

This Swansrai has a reasonably high alcohol content compared to traditional alcoholic drinks from other regions in Indonesia. Swasrai alcohol content reaches 30%.

The longer it is fermented, the higher the alcohol content.

For this reason, if you want to enjoy this swansrai, you should not drink too much. Interestingly, this is the beverage that is served in a coconut shell so that the traditional sensation is felt.

Wamena Arabica Coffee

The following typical beverage is Wamena Arabica Coffee. Papua is one of the largest coffee-producing regions in Indonesia, one of which is Wamena.

This one drink is certainly not to be missed for coffee lovers because Wamena Arabica coffee has a soft taste, a strong aroma, and floral nuances.

Lots of baristas are interested in using this coffee as a house blend. Interestingly, you can enjoy it there and bring this coffee home as a souvenir because it is available in packs.


Not only Wamena known as one of the coffee-producing regions in Indonesia, but so is Timika. Timika has Amungme Coffee, one of the most famous typical Papuan drinks.

Amungme coffee is also the original drink of the Timika people, which can be addictive. This coffee is very delicious when drunk in warm conditions.

This typical Papuan coffee costs around IDR 80,000, and you can buy it at supermarkets in Timika.

Happy Coffee (Kopi Senang)

Kopi Senang is another typical Papua beverage. It is a usual Sorong coffee that is famous in Indonesia. Produced from selected quality coffee beans with guaranteed to be sterile production.

Kopi Senang has a distinctive taste, which is sour and tends to be sweet. Not only that, but the variants of this coffee are also quite diverse. There are Arabica, Robusta, and Special Blend.

Sunset Papua

Next, there is Sunset Papua. The ingredients used are straightforward to find. Sunset Papua made from the main components of orange juice and carrot juice.

The name of the Sunset Papua is because it looks like a sunset.

At the bottom is orange juice, while at the top is carrot juice. The taste is a mix of sour and fresh. If you want the flavor to be sweeter, we can add sugar.

Those are seven choices of Papua beverage that you must try. The freshness of the drink is a sensation in itself, especially when you drink it while enjoying the natural beauty of Papua.