Feel the Different Taste Indonesian Coffee of Papua Coffee Beans

Papua Coffee Beans

Indonesia is a tropical country that has many types of plants in its forests. One thing to be proud of is Papua coffee beans with many flavors that can whet your appetite.

In fact, the existence of this coffee is popular among the local community even outside.

Indonesian Coffee Beans

One of the key products for Indonesia’s agricultural industry is coffee.

The quality of the coffee produced is unquestionable, supported by the topographical conditions in the shape of mountain ranges supported by the fertility of the soil.

The fact that Indonesia is famous for producing high-quality coffee and is capable of winning numerous competitions at the international level is not surprising.

Indonesia is the third-largest exporter of coffee beans after Brazil and Vietnam.

The natural resources of Indonesia are no longer a well-kept secret.

There are now numerous exceptional coffee kinds available in the archipelago’s diverse locations, one of which is coffee from Papuan farmers.

Various Kinds of Papua Coffee Beans

Papua has many types of coffee which have even become one of the favourite coffees for many coffee lovers.

Not only from Indonesia, but many people from abroad are also looking for this coffee. This happens because the taste is more unique and has different characteristics from other coffees.

  • Amungme Coffee

The Amungme tribe in Papua directly cultivates Amungme Coffee. Farmers from Dogiyai grow this coffee.

This coffee also grows in the highlands, like the coffee from the Bintang Mountains, Amungme coffee grow in the Papuan province of Timika.

This coffee is farmed in a few locations at an elevation of about 2,500 meters above sea level, specifically in the villages of Oroanop, Tsinga, Hoya, and Banti.

The function of this way is to grow Amungme coffee using natural fertilizers with nitrogenous plants, compost and forest multus materials, so it’s unique.

  • Moanemani Coffee

In the Mapia District of Papua, Moanemani coffee is an Arabica coffee variety that is farmed organically by conventional farmers of the Mee tribe.

Superior Papuan coffee comes in the form of Moanemani. The Dogiyai neighborhood is where this coffee is from.

The Dogiyai district is quite a crucial location for marketing because it serves as a transit point for several Central Papua regions.

The planting procedure is similar like earlier coffee. It is involving conventional planting techniques and the use of natural nutrients that are accessible around the plantation.

  • Coffee Bintang Mountains

It turns out that even in Jayawijaya mountain produces coffee that is just as daring as its prowess.

There is Bintang Mountain Coffee, which has a unique flavor, in the area of Mount Jaya Wijaya. This coffee grows at an altitude of 1,800 to 2,000 meters above sea level in the Bintang Mountains.

The location of the coffee’s cultivation has a direct impact on the product’s quality. The air is extremely chilly at that altitude, where temperatures only reach 18 to 23 Celsius.

This coffee takes a very long time to mature under these temperature conditions. But because of this, Bintang Mountains coffee is unique.

  • Baliem Coffee

Once more, the height component is what really distinguishes this coffee from Wamena.

Low acidity and a stable temperature at an altitude of more than 1,500 meters above sea level produce a balance between sour and bitter flavors.

Wamena is the place where this coffee grows. Baliem coffee is renowned for having a distinct flavor.

The aroma it produces has chocolate and floral undertones that are highly fragrant along with a medium body, moderate sweetness, and low acidity, which make the finished taste feel very harmonious and smooth.

This is information related to the unique taste of Papua coffee beans that you can try.

Therefore, it is important for us to keep the natural balance well maintained so these plants do not become extinct.