Typical Papua Flora and Its Uniqueness, That You Should Know

Papua Flora

Papua Flora – Every region of Indonesia has its own distinctive flora and wildlife. The magnificent flora is also abundant in Papua, one of Indonesia’s eastern regions.

Friends might meet many different varieties of typical Papua flora when they travel to the area.

5 Papua Flora That You Should Know

Papua has a wide variety of plants because to the region’s extensive tropical forest. Several different plant species can flourish in tropical forests.

In fact, the majority of Papua’s tropical forests have never been touched by humans, leaving them in their pristine natural state. Here are 5 flora in Papua!

  • Papua Black Orchid

The orchid is a flower with numerous varieties. One particular species of orchid, the black orchid, is exclusive to Kalimantan and Papua.

Despite sharing the name “black orchid,” the two are still distinct. The jet-black blossoms of the black Papuan orchid have colorful pistils.

Since this Papuan black orchid plant is considered rare, its price is high.

In addition to black orchids, Papua is home to the extremely uncommon iron orchid. The vibrant green petals on this orchid’s flowers have purple pistils.

  • Red Fruit

Red fruit is yet another typical Papuan plant. This crimson fruit is familiar as Marita in Papua New Guinea. Meanwhile, red fruit refers to as Kuansu in Papua.

This scarlet fruit develops with thick green leaves that encase it in the skin.

30 varieties of this fruit exist, but only 4 are commonly available and expensive. Long reds are a particular kind of red fruit that are frequently utilized in herbal medicine.

In Papua, sharing this fruit with others is a common thing and happens at ceremonial stone-grilled celebrations.

  • Matoa

There are several locations where this one plant can be found, including the island of Java. Papua is the origin of the matoa plant.

A distinct fruit and longan-like skin structure characterize matoa. This Papua Flora fruit’s skin turns purplish-green when it is fully mature.

The taste of the meat is a hybrid of longan and durian. People harvest this fruit only once a year, in January or February.

Its delicious taste has made this type of Papua Flora fruit popular among the people, even outside Papua.

  • Anthill

This particular flora contains a species of plant that grows affixed to other plants. Only in Papua can you see these ant nests on the trunks or branches of trees.

This plant is brown in color, has many thorns, and has broad leaves. When the plant is split, its shape is similar to an ant nest.

Aside from that, ants frequently use this plant as a home. The tubers of this Papua Flora have numerous health advantages, despite the fact that it appears to be a parasite.

Papuan people use this Papua Flora as medicine for diseases such as cancer, hemorrhoids, stroke, ulcers, and poor blood circulation.

  • Banana Musa Ingens

There are Papua Flora various varieties of bananas, but they are not the same as the ones in Papua. The Musa Ingens fruit is enormous and goes by the Latin name.

A ripe banana is around 18 cm long and 4 cm wide. This fruit can weigh up to 60 kg. The Arfak Mountains are the location of this Musa Ingens banana tree.

Typically, this plant can reach heights of up to 25 meters. This Papua Flora banana leaf is 5 meters long and 1 meter wide, right down to the midrib.

Even though it has a large size, people rarely consume it, because of the unpleasant flavor. Cultivation of these fruits is rare due to the difficulty of growing them.

From the discussion above, we as humans should participate in keeping the diversity of Papua flora maintained.

This will help the local community to be able to use it for their daily needs. The variety of these ecosystems also makes nature more beautiful.

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