5 World Famous Majestic Papua Indonesia Mountain

Papua Indonesia Mountain

Indonesia is known as a country that has beautiful and rich landscapes. Papua is one of them. Many exotic beaches, waterfalls, rivers, and majestic Papua Indonesia mountain.

Papua Landscape

The landscape of Papua Island consists of mountains, valleys, hills, rivers, lowlands, and beaches. On the island of Papua, the landscape is rich with species of flora and fauna, and local tribes conserve many.

Papua Island is the largest island in Indonesia and the second largest island in the world after Greenland Island. Papua Indonesia mountain are part of a landscape that rises higher than the area around it.

The highest mountain in Indonesia is Mount Puncak Jaya Wijaya which has an altitude of 4,884 meters above sea level, located in Papua Province.

The Highest Peak in Papua

Papua is Indonesia’s largest island, with an area of 808,104 km2. Thanks to the vast space, it is natural that the province of Papua has many valleys and mountains.

1. Puncak Jaya (4,884 masl)

Puncak Jaya has been named the highest Papua Indonesia mountain. This peak is often known as the Carstensz Pyramid. It is a mountain range Sudirman in Puncak Jaya District, Papua.

This mountain has an altitude of 4,884 meters above sea level (meters above sea level).

Mount Puncak Jaya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, this mountain is also one of the Seven Summits in the world.

At the top of this mountain is a glacier or snowfield that no other mountain in Indonesia has.

2. Mandala (4,760 masl)

Still in the land of Papua, precisely in Bintang Regency. The second position as the highest Papua Indonesia mountain is Mount Puncak Mandala. This mountain is a range of the Jayawijaya mountains.

Another name for Puncak Mandala is Juliana Top or Juliana Peak, which was famous during the Dutch colonial period.

The peak of this mountain was once covered with snow, but the snow has disappeared due to global warming in recent times.

3. Trikora (4,750 masl)

The third position is occupied by Mount Puncak Trikora, a mountain located in West Papua Province, with an altitude of 4,750 meters above sea level.

Also known as Mount Wilhelmina, this Papua Indonesia mountain has several forest areas, such as the Montane Forest, Ericaceous Forest, and Upper Dipterocarp Forest.

The starting point for climbing this mountain is in the town of Dani in the Baliem Wamena Valley.

4. Ngga Pilimsit (4,717 masl)

Still, in Papua, the fourth position is filled by Mount Ngga Pilmsit. Geographically, it is located in Papua Province, right in the Maoke Mountains.

This mountain, which has another name Mount Idenburg (colonial era), has an altitude of 4,717 meters above sea level.

The closest peak to this mountain is the top of the Carstensz Pyramid, at a distance of about 13 miles to the northwest.

This peak belongs to the Maoke mountains, and from Jayawijaya Peak, it is only about 21 km to the northeast. The first climbers were named Heinrich Harrer and Philip Temple.

This peak famous for having a beautiful elongate lake with dark green watercolor.

This lake also has no water flow, so that it will enter the ground through its cavities. When entering the dry season, this lake will dry up, and only algae will remain at the bottom.

5. Yamin Peak (4,535 masl)

The next highest mountain in Papua is Puncak Yamin in the Pguungan Bintang area. The height of this peak reaches 4,535 meters above sea level. This peak also known as Prinks Hendrik Top.

Puncak Yamin is Papua Indonesia mountain located in two districts, the Bintang Mountains and Yahukimo.

Many local people also named the peak Olso Vamin or Mount Lim. This mountain also has limestone contours.