17 Papua’s Infrastructure Development Under Jokowi Era

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After being elected to lead Indonesia, Jokowi often built development in various places, one of which is in Papua. Until now, Papua’s infrastructure development has been built on this paradise earth. What are they?

17 Papua's Infrastructure Development Under Jokowi Era
Sumber: Detik

No wonder Jokowi is considered the father of Indonesia’s development because of his success in building various infrastructures in Indonesia. Almost all regions in Indonesia received reconstruction or new buildings under Jokowi, including Papua!

Jokowi Considers Papua’s Infrastructure Development has Progressed 

Reporting from cnnindonesia.com, Jokowi mentioned the action in Papua during his reign.

It is essential to recognize that PON’s existence is one of the factors driving Papua island’s development.

“This Sports Week shows the progress of Papua, shows the readiness of infrastructure in Papua, and the readiness of the Papuan in organizing big events and achievements in the national and international arena,” said Jokowi at the opening of the PON on October 2, 2021, as quoted from CNBC Indonesia.

Rows of Papua’s Infrastructure Development Built in the Jokowi Administration Era

His achievements in advancing Papua certainly deserve to be proud, Jokowi.

However, unlike the previous government leaders, only Jokowi has successfully built various types of development on this island.

Reporting from beritasatu.com, the following is a row of Papua’s infrastructure development during the Jokowi administration:

1. Construction of the Trans Papua Road

While the 3,462 km long Trans Papua Road project has now covered 1,647 km, including 977 km in Papua and 670 km in West Papua, there are still 183 km that have not yet complete.

In addition to the Trans Papua Road, in 2022, Endra explained that the PUPR Ministry is also working on several infrastructure projects in Papua Province. The Yetekun Cross-Border Post (PLBN), Yetekun Access Road, Rehabilitation of 235 Educational Infrastructure units, Papua Youth Creative Hub, Merauke Diocese Building, and the Asmat Bridge.

2. Access to Sports Facilities for PON XX

3. Eight Sports Facilities for PON XX

It includes the Papua Bangkit Stadium, which has international standards.

The 8 buildings that will be donated are the aquatic arena, Istora Papua Bangkit, Construction of Indoor and Outdoor Cricket and Hockey Arenas, Kampung Harapan area, Doyo Baru area, Arena Roller Skating, Archery, and Rowing. Additionally, the Jayapura Regency drainage system and sanitation development. 

“Later, we will submit it in the form of a grant. It’s good to add assets, and for the continuation of the management of state property into the regional property, the local Government will take care of it. 

Now, the Ministry of Finance has accelerated the grant belongs to the state also from the PUPR minister,” he explained.

4. Youtefa Bridge as Papua’s infrastructure development

Youtefa Bridge (formerly called Holtekamp Bridge) is one of the bridges in Papua Province that connects Holtekamp with Hamadi. The Bridge is 732 meters long and 21 meters wide. 

This bridge is a steel arch-type bridge that the government first built in Papua. 29 ReachElite Powercore lights have been put to 125 Vaya Flood RGB Medium Power lights on the Youtefa Bridge.

5. Implementation of “One Price Fuel”

Since 2017, the Government has started implementing the One Price BBM Program in 3T (underdeveloped, frontier, and outermost) areas throughout Indonesia. 

The program, which has entered its 4th year, is a natural embodiment of the 5th principle of Pancasila, Social Justice for All Indonesian People. The government targets to build 583 One Price BBM distribution points by 2024.

6. Palapa Ring East of Papua’s infrastructure development

With Palapa Ring optical fiber, the government will provide 36,000 km of fiber optic cable to develop the national fiber optic backbone network. This project consists of 7 (seven) small fiber optic circles, namely Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Nusa Tenggara, Papua, Sulawesi, and Maluku.

7. Papua Youth Creative Hub or Silicon Valley on Earth of Cendrawasih

Jokowi stated that he would support Papua’s infrastructure development to make innovation, creativity, and technology tools to create prosperity for the people of Papua and Indonesia.

Additionally, 21 indigenous Papuan youth from seven different customary areas who are involved in business or other social endeavors will found the development center as a firm.

And Many More

8. Recruitment of 1000 Indigenous Papuan Youths in Various BUMN

9. Sota West Cross State Posts (PLBN) in Merauke Regency, Papua

10. Ten New Airports in Multiple Regions in Papua

11. TNI General Hospital LB Moerdani

12. Construction of the 1098 km Papua Border Road

13. Yetetkun West Cross Post (PLBN)

14. 179 Public Schools and Universities

15. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Wouma Market in Wamena

16. Thumburuni Market Construction Auction in Fakfak

17. Many Ports to Improve Marine Connectivity

Bottom Line

To develop Papua, it is not enough to only take a month or two months. However, during the administration of President Jokowi for almost 2 periods, the achievements of development in Papua have been very positive. It is because of President Jokowi’s great concern for the Papuan people.

Papua’s continuous expansion in terms of both infrastructure and people resources worries President Jokowi a lot. Thus. the community appreciates the various achievements in Papua’s infrastructure development which are expected to accelerate the progress of the earth of Cenderawasih.

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