Complete Information about Papua Language Institute

Papua Language Institute

Papua Language Institute – Papua is an island located at the eastern tip of Indonesia. This region has a lot of natural beauty, local and a variety of languages.

In this globalization era, the presence of language here is increasingly fading. Therefore, the government created a Papuan language institute to defend their local language.

Get to Know about Papua Language Institute

According to information made public by the state research institute (LIPI), there are 384 languages spoken in Papua in 2017.

Specifically, 290 languages are spoken in the province of Papua while 94 languages are spoken in the province of West Papua.

It is an effort to safeguard the local culture in Papua. Language is one of the cultures in the province of Papua, hence the government has a responsibility to safeguard and preserve it.

One Solution is in accordance with Article 32, paragraphs (1) and (2), and Article 28J, paragraph (3) of the 1945 Constitution, as well as the spirit of Law 21 of 2001.

It is Concerning Special Autonomy for Papua as a means of preserving Papuan culture.

A special regulation created in support of the indigenous Papuans is required to preserve the indigenous Papuan language and culture.

Factors the Presence of the Papua Language Institute

Making the institution certainly has several underlying factors or background.

Maybe some of you only know that the creation of this institution aims to maintain the regional language in Papua. However, there are other factors why the government made the program.

  • Nearly Extinct Regional Languages

The use of slang among people is a new trend that almost everyone follows. This is what causes the use of local languages to be less than before.

It is very likely that there will be an extinction of regional languages which can occur over time, to undermine all languages in Papua.

Whereas language is not just a means of communication, language is not just speech. Language also describes the culture and identity of a nation.

When the language of musical instruments and dances in Papua combine together, it can give a good moral impression and message of respect for our identity.

  • The Impact of the Era of Globalization

Globalization is a process of intercultural integration that results through the flow of ideas, goods, and other cultural elements.

The hope is that children born in the millennial era can adapt to changes due to the globalization era, one of which is the evolution of the education system.

Currently, it is typical to come across parents in Papua who no longer speaks their native tongue.

It is a fact that parents in some metropolitan areas of Papua interact with their kids in English, Indonesian slang, and local languages spoken outside of Papua, rather than their native tongue.

  • Educational Facilities

The language institute is also a place for people to learn many languages,

Such as English to make it easier for them to communicate with other people without having to lose their main focus on maintaining the existence of the local language they have to date.

This institution is a large enough forum for the community to be able to get language education evenly.

So, the government hope that the existence of the institution able to maintain the preservation of regional languages.

Besides, it provides new knowledge to the people about learning international language.

That was information related to the Papua Language Institute that you should know.

Diversity is indeed unique for Indonesia, because of the many islands in this country.

Even though developments in the era of globalization are increasing rapidly, we must not forget the culture.