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The History Organization of Papua Liberation Army

Papua Liberation Army

The existence of the organization of the Papua Liberation Army is certainly very troubling for the wider community because it is the largest separatist movement that has claimed many victims.

In fact, its existence has greatly frightened the people around Papua.

The History of Papua Liberation Army

The military branch of the Free Papua Separatist Organization is famous as the West Papua National Liberation Army.

After West Papua’s independence was declared on July 1, 1971, at the Victoria Headquarters, it was established on March 26, 1973.

The Provisional Constitution of the Republic of West Papua, which was established in 1971 in Chapter V of the Defense and Security section,

Served as the foundation for the creation of the National Liberation Army. Since 2012, through the TPN reform, Goliath Tabuni has been appointed as the High Commander.

A 2009 undercover investigation into the West Papuan independence movement featured an OPM (Free Papua Organization)

Commando unit led by General Goliat Tabuni. It was initially a response by Papuans to the behavior of the Indonesian government since 1963.

Interesting Facts about the Free Papua Organization

The Free Papua Organization, sometimes known as OPM, is an organization that was founded in 1965.

This group’s mission was to remove the Indonesian government’s control over the Papua and West Papua provinces. Here is the complete information!

According to history, there was a “fighting off” between the Dutch government of the time,

Which did not want to see Papua join Indonesia and the Free Papua Organization at the organization’s inception. Nicolaas Jouwe, a former OPM official, confirmed this in person.

Nicolaas Jouwe was a Dutch official who oversaw the Dutch colonies in Dutch New Guinea.

He left for the Netherlands during negotiations for the transfer of Irian Jaya, now Papua, to Indonesia. If he still has a connection to Indonesia, he doesn’t want to go back to his native country.

Indonesia’s declaration of independence on August 17, 1945, included West Irian and Papua.

The Dutch government is still working to keep information from entering, though. The Papuan people shouldn’t be aware that Indonesia is already an independent country, according to them.

This is what started the hostility between the West Papuan and Indonesian administrations.

They believed that Dutch colonialism still ruled Indonesia at that time, it was restricting their ability to voice their ideas and win independence for their own area.

According to Mahfud MD, the Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law, and Security, OPM has committed several acts of cruelty against victims during the past three years.

Additionally, he said that civilians, as well as TNI and Polri, personnel were among the victims of this abuse.

Mahfud said that in the previous three years, Free Papuan Organization had persecuted about 110 individuals.

He claimed that according to his records, this organization frequently carried out the following actions: killing, setting fire to homes, and crashing planes.

Nicolaas becomes his confidant because of his tight relationship with the Dutch government.

Then a tiny group exsisted, which began as volunteers and eventually developed into a scaled-down military organization.

According to Nicolaas, some soldiers believed that all Papuans were ignorant.

With this they started a rebellion against the Indonesian government to secede. They did a lot of things and of course they were very detrimental to the local community and also all Indonesian people.

Therefore, its existence continues to be a concern of the government.

That was information related to the Papua liberation army and the free Papuan organizational movement that still exists today.

There have been many conflicts between communities in various regions in Indonesia. It is appropriate for us to maintain harmony between people and groups.

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