Papua Old Guinea Various Facts, a Fascinating Country

Papua Old Guinea

Papua Old Guinea is located in the eastern part of New Guinea Island.

You should know various facts about this country. There are many interesting things that only some know.

Various Facts about Papua New Guinea, a Fascinating Country

Papua Old Guinea is rich in languages and enchants its natural beauty. As a neighboring country, many Indonesian people may not know interesting facts about this country.

Here are various facts about Papua Old Guinea that you should know:

1. Has the Highest Mountain

Did you know that Papua Old Guinea has a very famous mountain? Mount Wilhelm is not only famous among local climbers but is also popular among international climbers.

Mount Wilhelm Has a height of about 4,509 meters, with an extraordinary landscape when you reach the top.

The word tired when climbing will certainly pay off with all the beauty that exists. Interested in trying?

2. Has the Charm of an Exotic Island

Island is always synonymous with something aesthetic and beautiful there, one of is Panasia Island. Have you heard of it? This country has approximately 600 islands that are open for tourist destinations.

Panasia Island has a beauty that will be difficult for you to miss.

The white sand and blue beaches will make you fall in love. The population there is still small, so you can feel more comfortable enjoying it.

3. Diverse Countries

Did you know that Papua Old Guinea is one of the world’s most diverse countries? There are more than 850 local languages ​​and more than 6 million people.

4. Surrounded by Various Beautiful Beaches

Papua Old Guinea is an island nation in Oceania. You can get exciting activities there, such as diving, snorkeling, and surfing.

Surely you are no stranger to the beaches in the Vanimo area. This beach is one of the best surfing spots and is even very popular in the eyes of the world.

Then how about a good snorkeling spot? Kimbe bay is the answer.

Kimbe Bay has a wide variety of fish with extraordinary beauty, plus colorful coral reefs that will make you fall in love.

5. Many Rivers and Beautiful Seaweeds

Go to Papua Old Guinea and feel the sensation of a beautiful Sivoli River. The water there is clear and clean. The green area around, of course, will bring cool air.

The waving green seaweed is also very pleasing to the eye.

6. Museums as Places for Cultural Learning

The museum is one of the right places to learn a lot about an area’s history, culture, and traditions. Likewise, to know the history of Papua Old Guinea.

The National Museum and Art Gallery there will certainly complete your vacation. Don’t miss it.

7. There are Typical Foods

Every country must have identical culinary characteristics, and you may have never met them. Kaukau (sweet potato) and sago are stapled foods in Papua Old Guinea.

There are several other foods that you can try, such as a chicken pot or kokoda fish eaten with sago and kaukau.

8. Has Difficult Landscapes

Papua Old Guinea has a very diverse geography. Mountain ranges are forming a densely populated plateau.

Meanwhile, the coast and lowlands are dominated by dense rainforests. It makes the government difficult to develop transportation facilities.

9. Habitat of Birds of Paradise

Apart from Indonesia, Cendrawasih can also be found there.

The habitat of the Cendrawasih Bird is on the island of New Guinea, which is part of the territory of Indonesia and Australia. There, the bird is a national pride or symbol for the people.

Papua Old Guinea has extraordinary beauty. Several facts confirm that an enchanting place’s nickname is worthy of being given to this country.

You can get all the beautiful treats of heaven on earth there.