Papua’s Unique Traditional House: The Sauwandarek Tourism Village

Papua’s Unique Traditional House: The Sauwandarek Tourism Village

“A replica of paradise in Papua” is an apt name for the Raja Ampat archipelago. The charm of its culture and the beauty of its incomparable landscape make Raja Ampat a dream tourist destination for tourists. It’s not just the underwater exoticism that is the main attraction. Papua’s unique traditional house of the villages in Raja Ampat is no less attractive! One of the individual and particular villages is the Sauwandarek Tourism Village.

Papua’s Unique Traditional House: The Sauwandarek Tourism Village


West Papua Province’s Waisai, the administrative center of Raja Ampat Regency, is home to Sauwandarek Tourism Village. The village, which is still part of Mansar Meos, has a population of about 46 families with an estimated 179 people.

About Sauwandarek Village

Sauwandarek is a tourist area located in West Papua, as its name implies. This village area is inhabited by indigenous Papuans, numbering around 46 family cards and an estimated population of 179 people. The natives of this area live near the coast, and the women love to make hats and bags.

The material for these hats and bags is a sea pandanus. The skills possessed by women residents in this village make it a source of income for residents. Tourists visiting the village’s tourism attractions may buy handcrafted hats and bags.

Snorkeling in Sauwandarek Village

Tourists can snorkel to dive in the waters of the Sauwandarek coast. If lucky, tourists will be able to see turtles while snorkeling.

In the meanwhile, snorkeling excursions are possible in the ocean. There are many treats of marine life that tourists can find. There are various types of marine life, from yellow tail fish and blue ring octopus to mini seahorses. Not infrequently can also see schools of tuna and barracuda.

The Papua’s Unique Traditional House Sauwandarek Building

Not only has a beautiful panoramic view, but this village, located in the land of Papua and around the coast, also has charm. Papua’s unique traditional house in this village is very distinctive and classic. The home’s roof and walls are thatched with leaves, giving the structure a highly unusual and one-of-a-kind appearance.

So when you visit the Sauwandarek Tourism Village, you can enjoy not only the beauty of nature and the sea. Instead, you can also see the uniqueness of the houses inhabited by residents. That way, your vacation in this place will be very memorable.

Papua’s Unique Traditional House Adventist Church 

This church, dominated by ivory white color, is often used as the location of a religious center in Sauwandarek Village, where you can reach and find the place of the Adventist Church by walking not far from the pier.

In addition, you can also find Papua’s unique traditional house behind the Adventist Church. As the only school in Sauwandarek Village, the Adventist Elementary School only has 3 classrooms and has an elementary building form.

How to Get to Sauwandarek

To reach Sauwandarek Tourism Village, visitors can use a regular boat from Sorong to the capital city of Raja Ampat Regency, Waisai, and this trip will take 2-4 hours. 

This regular boat fare is relatively cheap, ranging from Rp100,000 to Rp125,000 per person, one way. From Waisai, the journey continues to Sauwandarek by using a long boat for 4 hours. The cost of renting a long boat is around Rp300,000, one way. 

But if you want to go fast, visitors can also rent a speed boat from Sorong. The Sorong-Sauwandarek trip will only take three hours, and the rental cost will be close to IDR 5 million daily.

In addition to Papua’s unique traditional house, coral, fish, and other marine life, visitors will be enchanted by the beauty of Sauwandarek. The unspoiled sea makes the ecosystem in the Raja Ampat region enjoyable.