Tourist Attractions in Papua Wamena that You Must Visit

Papua Wamena

Who doesn’t know Papua Wamena? The city of Wamena is located in the central mountainous region of Papua, in the middle of a very fertile and quite famous valley.

Various interesting tours are located in the area which is called the beautiful black pearl of Papua.

List of Tourist Attractions in Papua Wamena that You Must Visit

There are many interesting things about Wamena, one of which is the name of a familiar tribe, namely the Dani tribe.

Not only talking about culture and traditions because Wamena also has extraordinary natural attractions. Here is a list of tours:

1. Habema Lake

Being one of the most famous tours in Wamena, Habema Lake has extraordinary beauty and will make you fall in love. The expanse of the lake is always the best view to spoil the eyes.

Habema Lake is located at an altitude of about 3,225 meters above sea level.

You can start the journey in the morning and capture the panoramic beauty from the top of Trikora, located in the southern part of Habema Lake.

2. Kurulu District

The next interesting tour in Wamena is the Kurulu District. This district is also still located in the Baliem Valley area. The unique thing about this district is that six mummies are traditionally preserved.

The name of the most famous mummy is the mummy of Wim Motok Mabel, who is more than 280 years old.

For those who want to see this mummy, you must pay a few rupiahs to the local community. So, prepare a little of your money.

3. Baliem Valley

The Baliem Valley is the reason why many tourists visit Wamena Papua. This valley is home to several tribes, the majority of Dani.

This tribe has a circle-shaped house called Honai, which must be familiar to the ear.

For your additional insight, the Baliem Valley in the regional language of Papua is called “ma-i-ma”, which means “place below”, where there is “we”, which means water.

Beautiful natural panorama will be exposed when visiting this area.

4. Wamena Blue Lake

The blue lake of Papua Wamena will hypnotize you. The Tosca blue colour of this lake makes anyone who sees it feel at home there.

You must travel for two hours from the Baliem Valley to reach this location. This lake is tiny with striking colours.

The journey may not be easy, but your fatigue will pay off once you arrive at the site.

5. Aikima White Sands

The distance between Aikima White Sand and Wamena City is only 15 minutes. This white sand area is easily accessible by tourists.

Moreover, this tour is still situated in the Baliem valley area, one of the most famous and frequently visited spots.

This white sand is formed because there used to be a lake called Wio Lake.

When you are at the top, you will encounter the beauty of a landscape that is second to none. Wamena’s beautiful blue sky and beautiful white clouds collide with white sand.

6. Sekan Village

Kampung Sekan is one of the areas that are still in the Baliem Valley. This village is a beautiful Wamena spot that is suitable to visit.

There you can see views of Mount Pugima and interact with residents.

In this village, you will get all the warmth and comfort, starting from the panorama and the existing cultural traditions.

It would help if you always behaved there to get a good impression and pleasant memory from the locals.

There is no doubt about the natural beauty of Papua Wamena. For this reason, you can include this district in your vacation list.

Some of the lists of amazing tourist sites there will certainly make you fall in love and be impressed.