Papua & West Papua Health Development 2020 – The Government of the Papua Province Launched the Anti-Corona Youth Program

Health Development

It’s been 55 years since Papua has been in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). In a short period of time, the health development in the land of Papua and West Papua is concerned with basic problems which are divided into 4 things; the number of human resources and health facilities, the quality and commitment of health services from medical personnel, and the quality of service approach.

Until April 2020, Papua Province was ranked 8th as one of the regions in Indonesia affected by COVID-19, while West Papua was in 30th rank. The spread of Covid-19 cannot be underestimated because it can arrive in an instant to the Land of Papua-the locations of more than 300 indigenous tribes.

Current Situation of COVID-19 in West Papua

Health Development

Following the process of health development in West Papua nowadays, the official data of the West Papua Health Office (11/09/2020) reported that 49 people were positive for COVID-19:

  • 28 people from Sorong City,
  • 13 people from Bintuni Regency,
  • 5 people from Manokwari Regency,
  • 1 person from Song Regency,
  • 1 person from South Sorong Regency,
  • and 1 person from Manokwari Regency.

This number adds to the total number of cases to 1019 people or 13.5% of the total of 7559 people who have been examined.

From the results of the examination, 17 people were declared Healed Covid-19 from Sorong City 10 people, Bintuni Regency 6 people, and Fak-Fak 1 people. So that the total Cure for Covid-19 in West Papua currently reaches 666 people or as a percentage level, recovery in West Papua reached 66.9% with the number of deaths from positive cases (confirmed) 19 people or 1.8% of the total number of positive cases.

Telemedicine in West Papua since 2017

Health Development

To provide quality of health service in West Papua, the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency established telemedicine, the long-distance medical service based on an online system in 2017.

The presence of telemedicine in West Papua health development created seven benefits:

  1. Resolve the limitation of a medical specialist.
  2. Decrease patient trips and improve efficiency.
  3. Help to decrease the number of referral patients.
  4. Decrease the risk of retardation of diagnosing.
  5. Solve the problem of the availability of medical infrastructure.
  6. Can be used as an educational agent for doctors.
  7. The patient monitoring is easier.

Besides, telemedicine also helps West Papua to respond more quickly to the explosion of COVID-19 cases.

Papua Anti-Corona Youth Program

Health Development

In early August 2020, the Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal, released 2,500 Anti-Corona Youth (PAC) at Trisula Hamadi Field and Brimob Kotaraja Field, Jayapura City.

The Anti-Corona Youth program launched to encourage the socialization of healthy living according to the protocol established by WHO; diligently washing hands, wearing masks, and always maintaining distance.

It was stated that almost all urban villages in Jayapura had high positive cases of COVID-19, where there were only four villages with a low transmission ratio. While the rest are in areas with a high positive ratio. These young people have been recruited as a hope to decrease the ratio of coronavirus transmission in Papua, because they are more aggressive and interactive, especially in their respective environments.

Not less than 1,400 people will be deployed in the Districts of South Jayapura, North Jayapura, and Muara Tami. While 1,100 people will be deployed to Abepura and Heram Districts. Unfortunately, this health development program has not been applied to West Papua.

West Papua Covid-19 Online Complaints Post

Health Development

One of the efforts in the health development of West Papua as well as to facilitate complaints from Public Services during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indonesian Ombudsman Representative of West Papua presents the Covid-19 Online Complaints Post (Posko).

Covid-19 surveillance through this Posko focuses on 5 (five) types of services:

  1. Social Safety Assistance Services, includes the Family Hope Program, the Basic Food Card Program, the Pre-Employment Card Program, and electricity rates.
  2. Health Services complaints, one of them refers to the Decree of the Minister of Health No. HK.01.07/MENKES/1042020 concerning Diseases that Can Cause Outbreaks and Their Control.
  3. Financial Institution Services consumers: related to government policies to provide leniency in payment of obligations during the Covid-19 emergency period.
  4. Transportation Services for affected communities, especially areas that are enforced by the local government local quarantine, and the policy of prohibiting homecoming can also be reported if maladministration is suspected.
  5. Security sector; oversees public services from the Police for the affected West Papuan people, in particular, the Implementation of Routine Police Duties and as a Member of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19.

All complaints will be directly coordinated with the relevant local government agencies to be followed up together with the leaders of the relevant agencies. The Covid-19 Online Complaints Posts can be sent via email to or WhatsApp center 0811-254-3737.

It is hoped that health development in West Papua will experience an improved service approach, and will no longer be hampered by limited human resources and facilities.