Papuan Spiritual Song: Traditional Songs with the Meaning of Prayer

Papuan Spiritual Song

Papuan spiritual song are full of meaning. Not only made when they want to pray, but these songs are often used to express one’s feelings but still have the meaning of prayer.

In fact, there are many regional songs that have this meaning. It is not surprising that the existence of Papuan culture is still very strong until today.

Types of Traditional Songs

Papua has many traditional songs that depict many meanings and are even useful for accompanying certain rituals or religious events.

These songs are rich in cultural characteristics that still exist in the hearts of the Papuans. To find out more about these, see the explanations below!

  • E Mambo Simbo

The first folk song is E Mambo Simbo. This song tells about the joy of meeting a father and his son named Mambo who has been lost in the forest for a long time.

This song is a symbol of the joy of the villagers in Papua for the return of Mambo.

From this song, it is clear how happy a father is when he manages to meet his son after such a long time.

The song is also full of the meaning of the prayer that Mambo’s father continues to say so that his son can return to the village safely and live together happily with all villagers.

  • Apuse

Apuse is a folk song that tells of a grandfather whose grandson migrates to a country called Doreri. This song describes a grandfather’s willingness or a heartwarming farewell to his grandson.

The short and simple lyrics make this song not only popular in Papua but also very familiar to most Indonesians.

Many Papuans migrate to get money or education far away in other provinces or on other islands. This is a very sad farewell for a grandparent who will not be able to see his grandson again.

However, with this song, the prayers for his grandson to keep healthy in their new place become the main point.

  • Diru Diru Nina

Diru Diru Nina is a Papuan regional song that tells about a prayer. The prayer is said so that the local community is strong and can stand the test of all challenges.

As you already know, many Papuans live in the interior of the mountains, forests, valleys, and so on as their original abode.

Erratic weather in the area would certainly be very dangerous for their existence. Thus, to keep up the enthusiasm for each day, they made this Diru Diru Nina song.

This song also Papuan Spiritual Song a prayer that is full of meaning so that the God will always protect the community and the environment around them.

  • Rasine Ma Rasine

Papua is very thick with its culture and customs which still exist today, starting from traditional ceremonies to traditional dances.

Generally, these two activities are accompanied by songs so that the atmosphere is more lively and a blessing for the local community.

Therefore, they create a song called Rasine Ma Rasine. It is a Papuan folk song with the theme of joy.

Usually, this song is sung as an accompaniment to traditional ceremonies and in dance performances.

This song also means the joy and gratitude of the people of Papua for something that has happened.

That was information on Papuan spiritual song that include the meaning of prayer at various events.

Additional information for you: the people of Papua, on average are non-Muslim people,

Therefore it is no surprise that there are many folk songs in this province that have the connotation of praying to the God.

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