Shooting of Papuan Telecommunications Heroes’s Facts

Papuan Telecommunication Hero

The eight people who died due to an armed criminal group deserved the title of Papuan telecommunications hero.

There are several facts that you should know about the shooting Papuan hero incident.

Facts About the Shooting of Papuan Telecommunication Heroes

The treatment of armed criminal groups or KKB is still frightening in Papua. The incident left many innocent victims dead, among them a Papuan telecommunication hero.

The following are facts about the shooting incident that led to the death of the great heroes of Papua.

1. There are Children of Tribal Chiefs Who are Also Victims

Did you know that there was a tribal chief’s son who also died in this incident, even though he was also a Papuan?

Why was it shot? This community does not see the same origin. They want all people to be on their side.

This telecommunications hero from the land of Papua is the son of the Head of the Gome Tribe in Ilaga named Bebi Tabuni.

Abalone Tabuni’s father said that his son helped employees who were working, but bad luck had to come to him.

2. The Evacuation of the Bodies Was Carried Out a Week After the Incident

The Carstensz Peace Operations Task Force evacuated the bodies exactly a week after the tragic incident.

This lateness was not because the officers underestimated or underestimated their deaths but because the obstacles and challenges were extraordinary.

If you go to Papua, you must use air transportation, coupled with unsafe conditions for anyone who sets foot there. Bad weather is a factor, and the officers must prioritize safety.

3. Police Suspicion Regarding Terry Aibon (Leader of KKB)

Terry Aibon, who is Nau Waker’s staff, is one of the leaders of the KKB, who often gets into trouble with civilians. However, spokesperson Sebby Sambom denied this.

He claimed that Terry was only the West Papua National Liberation Army or TPNPB.

According to him, in this attack, the KKB was led by Gen Goliath Tabuni and Lekagak Telenggen.

Sebby claimed that the eight victims were part of the TNI-Polri, and the TPNPB had sounded war drums at that time.

4. There are Bandung Residents Who are Also Victims

One of the victims with the title of Papuan telecommunications hero is a Bandung, who was assigned to work at Boega Papua.

He is Billy Garibali (41), a resident of Cifruit Village, Panyandap Village, Solokan Jeruk District, Bandung Regency.

Billy has been a tower officer in Papua for a long time. His service is great for the people of Papua, even though he comes from out of town.

He died in Papua as a sign of his dedication to the country and the advancement of Indonesian telecommunications.

5. Boega District, Which is Isolated and Prone to KKB

The Beoga District has become vulnerable since the KKB has been operating in the area. There was persecution against Dejalti Pamean and there have been 11 crimes committed by KKB up to March 2022.

This inhumane crime started with the shooting of several teachers, burning teachers’ housing, and burning schools.

After that, there was also the burning of the house of the head of the junior high school. Then, they are burning PT Bumi Infrastruktur’s office and shot the Papuan.

6. One Worker Survived

Shocking news came when PT Palapa Timur Telematics employee with the initials NS, managed to survive.

He was later successfully evacuated using a helicopter, and he told everything with tears and deep trauma for what happened.

According to him, 10 KKB members shot their friends with non-stop bullets until the area became a sea of blood. NS ran fast for it while his other comrades went into the ravine.

The employees of PT Palapa Timur Telematics are the heroes behind the expansion of network connections in Papua.

They had to die at the hands of the KKB’s hostile forces. Eight Papuan telecommunications heroes have died, but not with their noble merits.