Pasir Timbul Papua: The Beautiful Beach from Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat
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Raja Ampat, West Papua is known for its richness in marine life and the beautiful view of its karst hills. Sometimes, people also will think about Wayag island, a famous island in Raja Ampat. But actually, there are more interesting places that you can get from this archipelago. One of them is Pasir Timbul

It is located close to Waisai, and it is a part of Waigeo island. Pasir Timbul means “emerging sands”. As its name, Pasir Timbul is a small island consist of mostly sand, and it only appears during low tide. Therefore, tourists have to come at the right time to see this place. 

Raja Ampat
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The View in Pasir Timbul

As mentioned above, Pasir Timbul is a small island and consists of sands. Its sand’s colour is white, and there is no tree at all. In here, people only can see the plain white sand and the blue water. The depth of the water is shallow, so people can swim here comfortably and safely. The speedboat can get close to the island easily. Because of its uniqueness, many tourists are interested. They come here when they spend their time on Waigeo Island. During the high tide, this island will disappear. 

Discovering Pasir Timbul

The main attraction of this island is its beach, where people can swim and go snorkeling. Shallow water and calm are great for kids to play around. It is safe for both kids and adults. On the seashore, some small fish are swimming freely. They have beautiful colors and look cute. You can also see some corals around this area. 

It is considerably safe for people to swim and the area is quite wide. The water is warm and calm most of the time. This is kids friendly, but of course, adults have to always take care of their children. 

The size of this sand island is 100-150 m2. The white sand and the blue water make the scenery in this place beautiful. You will see no plants and land animals around here. The only things you can find on the dried sand are seashells and starfish. The main view will be the dancing waves and the reflection of the sunlight on the water. This is also one of the reasons people come here to do a photo shoot. The calming vibe in this place is great for people who want to relax and escape from their hectic life in the city.

There are several places you can reach from this island, they are:

  • Waisai Beach
  • Mansuar Beach
  • Yefpian Beach
  • Kawe Island

How to Reach This Place

It is easy to reach Pasir Timbul, especially for people who stay in West Papua. For visitors, we need to take an airplane from our actual location. Waisai city, the capital city in Raja Ampat, has an airport named Marinda Airport. When we arrived here, you can choose to stay in a hotel first or go directly to Waisai Port. You can take speed boad to Pasir Timbul. It takes around 30 minutes to arrive there or about 9 km. But you need to be careful to choose the time because, as we have mentioned before, this sandy island is only accessible during low tide. 


West Papua has many interesting places to see, especially Raja Ampat with its unique Pasir Timbul. It is a rare place to see, and not many places have this kind of attraction. It is an additional beautiful place in Raja Ampat when you want to find more places other than the karst hills.