Patimburak Old Mosque: The History of 200 Years Old Mosque

Patimburak Old Mosque The History of 200 Years Old Mosque

It is already common knowledge that Islam is the majority religion in Indonesia, especially on the western side. However, traces of Islam also exist in the eastern side of Indonesia. One is Patimburak Old Mosque, located in Fakfak, West Papua Province.

Most local citizens believe that Patimburak is the oldest mosque in Papua. It is probably one of a few traces of Islamization in West Papua that still exist today. So, no wonder many people are curious about it. Here is the history of the Patimburak Mosque that you need to know!

The Story Behind the Patimburak Mosque

The Story Behind the Patimburak Mosque - Patimburak Old Mosque

If we are talking about the majority religion in the land of Papua, then Islam is the minority. However, if we speak about FakFak specifically, then Islam is the majority religion here. One of the first places of Islamization in Papua is in Fakfak. So, no wonder there are traces of Islam.

The most popular one is probably an old mosque that exists in Patimburak Village. The local citizens that live in Patimburak also know this place as Al Yasin Mosque. It is perhaps the oldest mosque founded in Fakfak. Not only in Fakfak but throughout the land of Papua as a whole.

In fact, no records show when this mosque was built. However, many historians believe that this mosque was established in the 19th century. To be exact, in 1870. The person who founded it was Abuhari Kilian, an imam.

The Uniqueness of the Patimburak Mosque

The Uniqueness of the Patimburak Mosque

Different from other mosques in Fakfak, Patimburak Mosque is kind of unique. The architecture will remind you of an old church in Europe. But, still, stick with the local touch of the Papuans. The color of the mosque is also interesting. It is the dominance of green and white and red and yellow ornaments.

You can freely visit this mosque for religious tourism. In this place, you can feel how the life of the Muslim community in Fakfak is. It is interesting because you can enjoy cultural tourism as well. There are some local people here, and you obviously can interact with them.

Also, the Patimburak Mosque is still functioning well up until today. So, you can also pray inside this old mosque while visiting it.

The Reconstruction of the Patimburak Mosque

The Reconstruction of the Patimburak Mosque

As you already know, the age of Patimburak Mosque is around two centuries old. However, this mosque has undergone reconstruction before because of a bomb. It happened during Japanese colonialism. However, this does not mean that the Patimburak Mosque is not historic.

Until now, the Patimburak Mosque is still one of the mosques in West Papua that you need to visit. To be exact, for those who love historical, cultural, and religious tourism. Then, this old mosque is a perfect tourist attraction that is perfect for you.

How to Go to Patimbrak Mosque

How to Go to Patimbrak Mosque

For those who are outside the island of Papua, the journey to this old mosque is a bit long. You can come via the Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong for the air route. This is because direct flights to Fakfak are very limited, at least until Siboru Airport is inaugurated.

Then from Sorong, you can go to Fakfak by air or water route. After that, from Fakfak, you still need to go to Kokas District by land route. Then, from Kokas, you can go to Patimburak by long boat.

Even though the journey that you need to take to the Patimbrak Old Mosque is long, it is worth it. This is because you can enjoy three things at once. It is religious, cultural, and also historical tourism. You can also taste various traditional foods in Patimburak Village.