Pertamina Opens 16 Pertashops in West Papua

West Papua
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State-owned business practice (BUMN) PT Pertamina (Persero) keeps on developing easy access to remote regions such as West Papua for gasoline and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). In order to realize this program, Pertamina planned OVOO (One Village One Outlet), in 2020.

West Papua
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Pertashop in West Papua is part of One Village One Outlet

In the One Village One Outlet program, Pertamina will build gas stations (SPBU) and LPG’s outlets all around Indonesia. Not only that, this program is planned to be run in tandem with BBM Satu Harga (One price gasoline) which recently started in West Papua. To help the people of Papua in accessing gasoline, Pertamina not only built gas stations, but also several alternatives in the form of Pertashops.

Pertashop in West Papua is a service channel by Pertamina and a part of One Village One Outlet program. Pertashops are constructed to help in delivering and distributing gasoline to remote areas in Papua which haven’t got any gas stations yet. Pertashops provide not only gasoline or RON 90, but also LPGs and lubricants for vehicles and machines.

Although Pertashops are basically a toned down gas station, Pertashops fulfilled the legality aspects and HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environment) aspects and are officially recognized by Pertamina.

“Pertashops are appointed distributors of energy goods for the people in remote areas of Papua Province in form of quality gasoline without the access of Pertamina gas stations (SPBU), so that every Indonesian citizen has the rights of accessing clean and safe energy easier than before”, Edi Mangun, Unit Manager Communication & CSR Pertamina Regional Papua Maluku stated.


Pertashops are distributed throughout West Papua regions.

The effort to develop and construct Pertashops in Papua Province is conducted through Sub-Holding Commercial & Trading (C&T) Papua Maluku regions, and now the development of Pertashops are being managed in several spots in West Papua. 10 spots in Manokwari, 2 spots in Kaimana regency, 1 spot in Fakfak, and 3 spots in Sorong city were organized recently.

The development of Pertashop is a combined effort between small business owners and Pertamina (persero) to distribute gasoline and other oil based products. Gasoline products available in Pertashop right now are Pertamax and Dextlite with the retail price exactly the same with gas stations (SPBU).


Pertashops in cooperation with community cooperatives.

Another interesting thing about Pertashops is the village cooperatives can form a partnership with Pertamina to build Pertashop in Papua Province and in order to do so, Pertamina gives out two options. First one is Gold Pertashop with the capacity of 3000 litre of gasoline, the second one is Patinum Pertashop with 5000 litre capacity.

If you want to join partnership and build Pertashop with Pertamina in West Papua, you can contact Marrketing Operation Region Pertamina to get more information about the registration. The requirements are fairly easy to fulfill, such as sufficient area for building, with the minimum surface area is 4×5 sq M for Pertashop Gold, and 200 sq M for Pertashop Platinum.

After registering and fulfilling the verification documents and administrative requirements, Pertamina representatives will conduct a survey to the location to ensure the future Pertashop has a road access for Pertamina Gas Trucks.

To ensure that the candidate of Pertashop partners has sufficient assets and operational costs, Vice President Corporate Communication Pertamina, Fahriyah Usman says that Pertamina will conduct a financial survey and go out on the field to do feasibility tests according to each location.

If all of the requirements are fulfilled and the permit for building is done, a new Pertashop can be constructed. The financing and requirements for Pertashop is relatively easy because Pertashop is registered under small business, unlike Pertamina-issued gas stations.

Not only for these 16 spots spread out in Papua Province, Pertamina Region Papua Maluku is planning to build and expand more Pertashop by coordinating with local governments and Pertamina partners. This is to ensure all people of West Papua have easy access to gas and energy for their daily life.

“With the same price and quality with Pertamina gas station, we hope that Pertashop can be an answer to uneven distribution of energy and be a continuous effect to the development of local economic sectors in Papua”, as expressed by Edi mangun.