Planning a Memorable Trip? Try 3 Best Hotels in Raja Ampat Islands

Best Hotels in Raja Ampat

Best Hotels in Raja Ampat

Have you booked a flight to visit Raja Ampat Island? What about the perfect place for your stay? If you are still unsure which location to pick, we have 3 recommendations of the best hotels in Raja Ampat Islands!

Raja Ampat is a beloved tourist destination by most Indonesians and foreigners. Almost everyone, at least, has put this breathtaking region on their bucket list. Not only known for its mesmerizing diving areas, but the island is also famous for many tourist attractions and the locals’ hospitality.

Your future trip will not be memorable if the place of your stay does not give sufficient accommodation. Do not worry, though. We have searched for the best lodgings in the region for you to pick. 

3 Best Hotels in Raja Ampat Islands

Instead of hotels, Raja Ampat has various resorts with eco-friendly designs and spacious layouts. Most are located near the coastal area or within villages. Here is the list of the best spas on the island.

  1. Misool Eco Resort

Misool Resort is located on Batbitim Island, South Raja Ampat. This place occupies the remote part of the island, which has a fantastic view of marine biodiversity. Many spacious rooms are divided into three main areas: North Lagoon Villa, South Beach Villa, and Water Cottage. Each site provides luxurious yet eco-friendly rooms made of local hardwoods. This is an excellent place for your trip, even more so if you bring along a loved companion.

The rooms have complete accommodations such as a heating control, plush bed, closet, chair, desk, fan, or air conditioner. Most terraces will give you a full view of the nearby beach and clean-blue ocean. The resort cooperates with the locals to preserve the nearby marine biodiversity.

You can experience unforgettable diving or snorkeling as you will see the colorful coral reefs and schools of fish. The place also provides a relaxing spa by professionals. In addition, its restaurant serves various Asian and Western dishes made of local ingredients. You can ask to eat on the beach while bathing in the light of the setting sun.

  1. Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Papua Paradise Eco Resort is one of the best hotels in Raja Ampat, located in an uninhabited area on Arefi Birnie Island near Batanta Island. As one of the biggest islands in Raja Ampat, Batanta has a spectacular view of fine white sand and a clear bluish ocean. Furthermore, it houses rows of beautiful coral reefs, schools of fish, a mangrove ecosystem, and orchids near the resort’s location.

The place offers 26 overwater bungalows in a traditional style to fit the surrounding areas. Each room has a spacious deck where you can comfortably sit and catch sight of manta rays, sharks, and turtles. The room’s accommodation includes beds, fans, desks, a closet, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a private bathroom, and comfy sofas inside and on the private balcony. Furthermore, it provides a luxury spa, public restaurant, and bar.

  1. Waiwo Dive Resort

Waiwo Dive Resort is located on Marinda Waiwo Street, Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat. It occupies a lovely spot on the island, where the place is surrounded by white sand and a tropical forest. You can feel the fresh breeze while taking a stroll in the area.

The place is simple without any unnecessary decoration, yet the service is professional. Each room is comfortable and provides some accommodation such as a bed, desks, chairs, and a closet. Also, you can dine in a shared restaurant or inside your room.

Those three best hotels in Raja Ampat will make your experience enjoyable. Each hotel is an eco-friendly resort that provides complete accommodation. Try one of these places if you visit the region in the future!