The Importance of Plastic Waste Management in Indonesia

plastic waste management

Plastic Waste ManagementIndonesia has lots of piles of garbage everywhere and is the second country that contributes the most plastic waste to the oceans.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the government continues to inform the public about the importance of plastic waste management in everyday life to be something useful.

Plastic Waste Management

The existence of a lot of plastic waste makes the environment polluted, because the process of destroying it is quite difficult, such as burning, stacking, and so on.

Therefore, the government asked the public to reprocess the plastic waste into useful products. Here’s the complete information!

1. Crafts

At this time, the existence of technology can help you find inspiration to turn plastic waste into something more useful,

Such as bags, vases, earrings, and so on. In this way, you can indirectly reduce the impact of climate change on the world.

In addition, the utilization of plastic waste into more useful products can also help reduce enormous energy use.

Not only that, you also don’t need to spend more money if you want to buy a container or place for goods because you can use plastic waste.

2. Asphalt

Right now, plastic trash may be process and turned into asphalt, which is said to be stronger than regular asphalt.

PT Dow Indonesia previously use plastic waste to manufacture asphalt.

Following processing, the plastic waste is turn into a plastic polymer substance and combine with a mixture to create asphalt.

It is said that asphalt made from a mixture of plastic trash is tougher and more durable,

And that one benefit is that it does not crack easily even after being drive over by thousands of automobiles.

Additionally, it is claim that asphalt made from plastic waste can resist harsh weather. Such as exposure to intense sun follow by swift temperature changes cause by heavy rain.

The Government’s Role in Plastic Waste Processing

The government plays a big role in realizing the desire. To reduce the existence of plastic waste in society, how do you do it?

Namely by providing outreach to companies and the public. So that they want to recycle the plastic products they use into something more valuable.

The community also contributes by forming organizations that recycle plastic waste to form compost.

The government has also implemented various regulations that encourage the reuse of disposable items. The company also contributes to the fight against plastic waste that damages the ecosystem.

If this method is carry out continuously, it is very likely that the public will see the environment clean again from plastic waste and improve their standard of living

By depending on the sale of processed plastic waste products. Hopefully the government can fully provide assistance to the community regarding this matter.

That was information related to plastic waste management in Indonesia which is the focus of the government in reducing the existence of plastic waste in the environment.

That way, pollution in the environment can be continuously reduce. And it is hope that it will be able to have a big impact on climate change to make it better.